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Lisa Sparxxx and Victoria Givens, record-women of porn. Two new clips on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 3"

Even porn has its own very special Guinness records. The real porn fans know it and they have already seen in the special videos produced and distributed after the events. We're talking about the World Record Gangbang , traditional and anal, held respectively by Lisa Sparxxx and Victoria Givens. The first established her primacy on 16 October 2004 during the event "Eroticon" in Warsaw. The polish capital had already hosted a world record attempt to gangbang two years earlier, when the polish performer Klaudia Figura had passed the brazilian Mayara Rodrigues and the english Claire Brown and at the end of her great fatigue had sex with 646 men. She had therefore done better than Houston, the american pornstar who had stopped to 620 in 1999. Lisa Sparxxx (pictured) took the record at an altitude of 919, a number that still stands today, nine years later.
The record of anal gangbang without lubrication was made by Victoria Givens (2nd picture) few days late, on 23 October 2004. After seven hours of grueling anal penetrations in fact, Victoria reaches 101, more than double the previous record belonged to Brooke Ashley, which in 1998 had anal sex with 50 men. Victoria was much more fortunate of the previous record -woman, who in her performance of six years before she had contracted the HIV virus. An unexpected that from that moment made mandatory condom use for this particular type of performance, if we consider that men protagonists of the gangbang are not professionals but all amateurs. The regulation of these erotic manifestations is quite simple: while all men can participate, provided of course that they are of age and in good health. Each erotic performance lasts a few minutes and aspiring record -women can also use mouth and hands (in the traditional gang while in the anal the cock in ass is mandatory). As we have already said, sexual intercourses are protected but the cumshot is free in the sense that when the male performer has to cum, can do it on the pornstar’s body. The artists who attempt records are backed up by some "fluffer" whose task is to maintain an erection of the boys using her mouth and hands. A very delicate work considered that excessive stress can cause a fast cumshot. Emblematic in this sense a scene during the record attempts by Victoria Givens, when Lisa Sparxxx (fresh of her record and exceptional fluffer) barely had time to bring to her lips the cock of one of the participants at the show, before receiving an unexpected cumshot in her mouth.

Lisa and Victoria continue their career in porn today, although no longer young (Lisa Sparxxx is 36 years old and Victoria Givens 43) and are among the most appreciated MILF performers. In this regard, we have included two videos of these magnificent artists in our page "Pornstars cumshots mix 3" . To see them in action click on the appropriate link in the list of pages to the right of our home page .
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