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The case of Cameron Bay shakes the american porn but there is no evidence that the actress had contracted the HIV virus on the set

Today's post is atypical for our blog. Do not we present a video clip or we will talk about a new movie and do not look back over the history of porn talking about a star or a movie of the past. Our post opens some food for thought about some current events which have affected the hardcore industry at its highest level in the place where are located the houses of the most important productions of the United States of America: the San Fernando Valley. The first stop had arrived at the end of August, when all the porn set of the Los Angeles area were forced to close after an actress was found positive to an HIV test. The case of Cameron Bay (pictured), the name of the artist, did stop the entire industry in California waiting for all the actors who had shot sex scenes with Cameron to subject to appropriate medical checks. The following tests were negative and it is more than likely that the young artist has contracted the virus outside of the set. The moratorium has been suspended after a week but there was a new case, that of Rod Daily, porn actor and boyfriend of Cameron Bay.  Himself on Twitter had announced to have contracted the AIDS virus. The day after the announcement of Rod there would be a third case but has not yet been proven. The case has led to a new moratorium that was stopped after a further series of medical tests, only on September 13. In fact, not there has been provided with no evidence that the infection of Cameron Bay and Rod Daily happened on the set, as well as the Free Speech Coalition said, the company that deals with communication to the porn industry, but the two confirmed cases have led the industry to revise the rules, with HIV testing to be carried out once every 14 days now whereas before they were required every 28 days. Last week was instead rejected a bill that would force all actors to use condoms during scenes. In this bill there was stiff opposition from producers and directors who have instead preferred the solution of more frequent medical examinations.
We agree with the choice of more stringent medical checks: the health of the artists must be protected because although it is now very rare, almost impossible to happen a contagion on the set it is also true that we can not be aware of what an actor or actress does in her private life. It is certainly easier catching a sexual disease off the set of a porn film. Regarding the condom, we expressed about it several times. It would be a disastrous choice for the artistic quality of a scene. We agree on the use of condoms for occasional sexual intercourse but not for an hardore movie as is the case in many productions french and spanish. We believe, therefore, that the most stringent medical checks can ban any kind of risk . Rather we remain astonished in front of a part of the american public that tends to demonize the porn as soon as the opportunity presents itself. We think that porn is a genre very artistic but beyond our thinking, the porn was also the symbol of the sexual revolution, the emancipation of women (contrary to what they think the bigoted feminists) and freedom of expression. Porn is harmless, certainly less harmful of weapons, drugs and alcohol, it is a moment of relaxation that stimulates creativity. It is the artistic exhibition of sex and we are convinced that in the world is nothing more beautiful and exciting than sex. And then porn is american as much as apple pie, we can almost call it a tradition. Not to mention, if we look at it from the economic point of view, which is a thriving industry that more than the others is able to keep pace with the times and has never known times of crisis.

Returning to Cameron Bay, an artist of considerable talent, and her boyfriend, a few days ago they called a press conference to launch the alarm about the risks that they run the actors on the set without the use of condoms. We do not agree with this choice and we think that the direction of this thing is driven by a different interest that are exploiting her predicament. We understand instead her drama and we are close to her and Rod Daily but in fact has not been proven that the two actors have contracted the HIV virus doing hardcore scenes. But beyond this, there is the drama of a young girl who began her battle against something of terrible and this saddens us deeply.
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