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Hardcore scenes in mainstream cinema - Chapter Two

On August 11 we published a post that showed unsimulated sex scenes that have characterized some films distributed to the general public in many cinemas. That post was really a great success and in this regard numerous fans of our blog have written to our email, asking to see other hardcore scenes taken from mainstream films. Other scenes have been reported to us by Carla instead, a very nice girl, she also fans of our blog that follows us from Italy. We therefore decided to continue on this path and today we will show you other explicit sex scenes in films that do not arise for the audience of porn but for the maistream cinema. 
Let's start with "Devil in the Flesh", a french-italian co-production directed by Marco Bellocchio and shot in 1986. The protagonist was the beautiful Maruschka Detmers who played the role of Giulia, a neurotic middle-class girl in the Rome of the 80s. Caused a sensation, among the many erotic scenes, this sequence in which the dutch actress does a really good blowjob to her scene partner, Federico Pitzalis.

Come on in years, we come to 1999 when another italian director, Aurelio Grimaldi, makes "She Wolf". It is the story of a sicilian girl who uses different identity and personality in order to collect as many sexual adventures as possible. Starring the actress Loredana Cannata: she performs in a blowjob in what is surely the hottest scene in a movie all in all very poor.

We remain in 1999 and remain in Italy. The scene lasts just over 30 seconds, but at the time aroused a scandal. Elisabetta Cavallotti in the movie "Look at me" played the role of a pornstar loosely based on Moana Pozzi. A short but very exciting sequence is that of the really good blowjob that the actress performs under the eyes of Flavio Insinna who plays the man who falls in love with the diva. There are many hot scenes in the film, given the topic, but this is without a doubt the most explicit and real.

Use real pornstars in mainstream cinema for unsimulated sex scenes is not new in France. They had already done Coralie Trinh Thi and Virginie Despentes in "Baise Moi" in 2000, when they chose Karen Lancaume and Raffaela Anderson in the roles of the main protagonists. Will do the same the following year Bertrand Bonello for his "The Pornographer", chosing Ovidie for the real sex scenes. The film tells the story of a french porn director of the '70s and '80s, Jacques Laurent. The sensual Ovidie, a talented hardcore artist in period between the late 90s and early twenty-first century, plays in a real red-light scene, with penetration, blowjob and facial.

It is of 2002 "Ken Park", american, dutch and french co-production, directed by Larry Clark and Edward Lachman. It is the story of three boys and a girl and their families, a life turned upside down by the sudden and inexplicable suicide of a young skater (Ken Park). The film was banned in some countries for a hot threesome scene between the american actress Tiffany Limos, then very young, with two other protagonists of the film, James Bullard and Stephen Jasso. It's true unsimulated sex. 

The last sequence of scenes that we show today is a compilation taken from "Shortbus", american film of 2006. The film is genuinely very nice, also characterized by the explicit sex scenes that make the whole very intriguing. A story set in New York in which the characters move around the "Shortbus", a place where is possible practice free sex and partner swapping, either straight or gay, run by a well-known transvestite. A real revelation in this film is the canadian actress of chinese origin Sook-Yin Lee, the protagonist of one of the most beautiful sex scene in the movie. Among other things, the performance by the chinese-canadian artist who fucks in different positions and masturbates her partner is the opening scene and is alternated with two other scenes very hot. The first, definitely aimed at a gay audience, starring the actor Paul Dawson in a "self blowjob", the second sees Lindsay Beamish in the role of a mistress in the act of "educate" a customer. Both scenes end with a real cumshot. The film also contains a real orgy and two scenes of masturbation very exciting, protagonist in both is always Sook-Yin Lee.

PS. In the post of last August 11 we showed the unsimulated sex scenes by Isidora Simijonovic in "Klip", Chloe Sevigny in "The Brown Bunny", Kerry Fox in "Intimacy", Raffaela Anderson and Karen Lancaume in "Baise Moi" and Margo Stilley in "9 Songs". If you want to see them again you just click this link Hardcore scenes in mainstream cinema: our favorites. Good vision!
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