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Hardcore scenes in mainstream cinema: our favorites

Today's theme is peculiar and extremely interesting. We speak of the boundaries between porn and mainstream cinema. Sometimes they are very thin, sometimes do not exist. There are several examples in the history of cinema over the last 30 years of not simulated sex in a mainstream film. In some cases, the scenes are explicit and visible. In this post, today we present some clips from a series of films distributed internationally for the general public and screened in mainstrem cinemas. All contain hot and explicit sex scenes.

We start from the most recent, is a film that we have already presented in a post of few months ago. It is "Klip", a film shot last year by the serbian director Maja Milos which had as its theme the decline of youth in the former Yugoslavia in the years that followed the wars in the Balkans. Starring the very young and beautiful Isidora Simijonovic in the role of the uninhibited teen-ager Jasna. In the post that we have proposed on April 28 (and I suggest you to review because this girl has a really extraordinary erotic charge) we shared a video that contained a collage of all the erotic scenes of "Klip". In this video, instead we represent the scene in my opinion more intriguing when Jasna shows her boyfriend some videos shot by herself with a cell phone while masturbating. He ends up masturbating in turn and in the end makes Jasna stretch on the floor and cum on her belly. The masturbation scene is authentic but the cumshot is a fake. The film also contains several scenes of oral sex and an anal sex but it is also in this case of simulations film (including a scene in which Isidora Simijonovic takes a cumshot in her mouth). The result is still very exciting.

Instead, it is the authentic the blowjob by Chloe Sevigny (pictured) to Vincent Gallo (who was also the director of the film) in "The brown bunny", american film of 2003. The very controversial scene is the final one in which the two actors mentioned, they were a couple in real life, give life to this sequence that ends with a really hot cum swallow (not visible but noticeable). The film was also presented at the Cannes Film Festival but was not very favorable opinion from critics. All in all it was a real flop that is still remembered for this famous blowjob defined one of the most beautiful sex scenes of mainstream cinema.

Was a great success "Intimacy", a french-british co-production of 2001, which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. The film, shot by the french director Patrice Chereau, contains many explicit sex scenes and one, very famous, is a blowjob not simulated. Female lead actress is the new zealander Kerry Fox that thanks to this interpretation won the Silver Bear for Best Actress. The scene that we propose is precisely that of blowjob in which, at least for a sequence, Kerry really takes in her mouth the cock of Mark Rylance.

Is french the controversial "Baise Moi", shots in 2000 which had as its main protagonists one of the international porn queens of the '90s, the divine Karen Lancaume (which in the film uses the pseudonym Karen Bach, very close to her real name because the artist's name is Karine Bach) with Raffaela Anderson, another artist who came from the red light cinema. We can define this work, whose director was curated by Coralie Trinh Thi and Virginie Despentes, a french version of "Thelma and Louise": a complaint against the widespread male sexism but in sauce much more violent and erotic. The sex scenes are almost all authentic and is not a coincidence that the directors chose for this story two artists of porn, that stand out in this case also for the excellent quality of acting. The film seemed to have launched Karen Lancaume towards a new career in maistream cinema to which the actress from Lyon kept in a special way. But things went very differently, a disappointment that will collapse Karen in depression and will push her to suicide in 2005.

We have left for last "9 Songs", british film of 2004 that is probably the most sexually explicit film in the history of mainstream cinema. Superb protagonist is the american artist Margo Stilley. This work by Michael Winterbottom contains scenes of masturbation, penetration, oral sex and cumshots all authentic. It is the story of a very introspective almost claustrophobic love between a british climatologist, played by Kieran O'Brien, and an american girl. We propose the hot blowjob sequence in which Margo certainly stands out for her oral quality. A scene that ends with a rich and beautiful cumshot, one hundred percent authentic.
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