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Sara Tommasi and her new film. New italian star or only a media phenomenon?

Advertising is the life of trade. Take a mediocre work, mount it with the necessary advertising campaign and, most importantly, find the right person to ride the wave. In this way, the "trash" becomes "cult." I’m a porn lover and a spectator who follows the industry for more than 20 years, I can not understand in Italy the current "Sara Tommasi mania". The former show girl of italian TV did discuss of herself last year for the release of her first porn movie. Honestly is a shoddy film, save only a few clips. Last year we dedicated a post to "My first time" (the title of the film) and we posted a clip on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2". From my point of view, as I said on that occasion, it is an inferior film. Sara Tommasi is undoubtedly beautiful and could become a good performer. The scene of group sex is not bad, the clip most beautiful is the triple cumshot at the end of the scene that Sara takes with sufficient ease.
What we have not at all understood is the dust raised by the same Sara Tommasi, who also reported that she had been drugged to shoot those scenes. On May 3, will be released on new film that sees Sara in the lead role, this time without drugs real or imagined. The title is "Vip, sex and power," a film that lasts over 2 hours with the participation of other actresses. Male partner of Sara Tommasi is Nando Colelli, grotesque character who had in the recent past a decent television fame thanks to the famous italian reality show "Big Brother." He had already tried his luck in the hardcore industry and was subjected to an audition with Sofia Gucci under the supervision of the late Riccardo Schicchi. The audition went very badly. Now Nando has been "recycled" for this film whose trailer has already clicked on the network.
I hope that this film is at least decent. As I pointed out in the post dedicated to Gloria Domini, the italian porn is not going through a great moment, and probably this is good advertising for the industry (it would certainly be better for the italian porn that a talented artist like Gloria returns on the set). But we think that porn is a serious thing and like all things series, which have behind them a job done by professionals, does not need to "circus freak." We hope, therefore, that it is a decent film and not just a media phenomenon. Sara Tommasi said recently to be convinced to do porn because she wants to give to the italians the same emotions caused by Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi and Eva Henger. We make our best wishes to this ambitious new actress but at the same time remind to her that she mentioned three great artists. If the quality level of the new film is the same as the first ... no offense to Sara, maybe she should change profession. But I do not like to judge a movie before I see it, I'm wait to seeing the vision of "Vip, sex and power." Meanwhile, here is the trailer ...

Threesome from "Pornchic 23". New clip on the page of Black Angelika

The hardcore cinema of our days, as regards the production "all sex", is characterized by some endless series. But honestly the long "serial" never tire the porn fans, especially when you look at quality films by great directors and interpreted by extraordinary artists. This is the case of "Pornchic", famous french production by Marc Dorcel, now in its twenty-third chapter. In front of the camera Herve Bodilis perform five divas of sublime level: Claire Castel, Aleska Diamond, Anissa Kate, Liza Del Sierra and Black Angelika. The movie you should see it in full because it is a must. But in the meantime we propose a clip from the scene of Black Angelika, engaged in a new great threesome. Class and perverse eroticism are qualities that certainly no shortage to the romanian artist who, once again, manages to keep her fans glued in front of the screen. Far be it from me to criticize the choices of a great director like Bodilis but I’m a lover of the "cumshot scenes" and I would have preferred a zoom of the camera in the sequence of the double facial, but Black Angelika turns the last minute of the scene in divine moment. If the director's intention was to take advantage of the incredible expressive talent of the romanian diva, has just hit the mark. You also enjoy this video clip, click on the link "Black Angelika" in the list of pages to the right of our home page.

"Klip" is not a porn film

An email from the content that I did not expect. Willy writes to us from Liverpool, in the UK, and asks us to publish something of "Klip", a serbian film released last year. "It’s a mainstream movie with porn scenes," Willy says to us, "the main actress is beautiful." On the film's protagonist, the young serbian actress Isidora Simijonovic, we agree with Willy. I've seen "Klip" last year: it is a drama that sheds light on the social condition of some teenagers in the suburbs of a city like Belgrade, which only in recent years is starting to recover from the war. There are several erotic sequences and Isidora Simijonovic is absolutely exciting in every minute of her performance. The film, however, does not contain true porn scenes. The first scene of blowjob in the bathroom of the school, the sequence shot in home of the male protagonist when he jerks off and cums on her, but also the scene near the end of the film with the blowjob in the bathroom during a party when she takes cumshot in her mouth, are clearly fakes. The film directed by Maja Milos is intended for an international audience on a mainstrem industry and for obvious legal reasons can not contain porn scenes. The cock that cums or takes by Isidora in her mouth is clearly fake, as well as are very erotics but are not true the scenes of explicit sex. However, it is a much discussed film that aims to highlight the profound moral collapse of these young boys and girls without ideals and objectives, slaves on the cell phone and Facebook, who live a life of sex, drugs and alcohol with the simple aim of fill up the gaps in their lives. But we want to satisfy Willy and we decided to share in this post a video taken from the Internet that includes all of the erotic scenes of Isidora Simijonovic in "Klip". Good vision.

Gloria Domini, the "lost queen" of the italian porn. New video on the page "Full scenes"

At the end of 2011, when we published a serie of video clips that had as its protagonists some italian artists, I have called this fantastic girl the best talent of the italian porn in recent years. I have not changed my opinion for Gloria Domini, although she has mysteriously eclipsed by the industry when it looked like she was about to take a flight to an obvious and well-deserved success. It is not the first case. In a way she reminded me of the parable of Desire Vinci, an extraordinary artist of the late '90s, which vanished at the height of success and some of her films had conquered the european porn industry. I'd like to know why an artist of such a high level as Gloria, excellent performer and also good actress, has left the set. Perhaps her choice was because of personal reasons, I have to open my arms and can honestly say that I have no more news of her since 2011. The first time that I saw her in a video was in the famous "Sperm Party" by Matt Hardcore and she affected me deeply for her appearance of "girl next door" that coupled with her erotic charge and her obvious love for the sex turned Gloria into a real bomb of highly erotic content. I own almost all of her films: "Lives wasted", "The scent of money", "Without fear in Tel Aviv" just to name a few: she is a complete performer and a great specialist of anal sex, but she is also a simple girl, solar and nice. 
I got to meet Gloria, talk with her and enjoy her private show in a lap dance club where she performed live (I admit without shame that she made me cum in my pants when I was in private show with her). I am of the opinion that an artist such as Gloria Domini is miraculous for the red light industry, especially the italian industry that has great tradition but at the moment not going through a particularly brilliant period (if we consider that even Sofia Gucci currently devotes more time with the productions online of her site and with live shows). In this scenery, Gloria Domini was definitely a lost queen. We have therefore decided to publish a video dedicated to this wonderful artist in full version. You can see it by clicking the link "Full scenes" to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Porn-debutantes into the fray. New clip on the page of Sofia Gucci

The video "pro-am" are always extremely exciting. We have published several in our page "First Cumshots" and some of these lucky aspiring actors at the end turned out to be very talented. Also between the men competition is very strong. Interpret a sex scene with a pornstar is definitely the dream of millions of men around the world but become a famous actor is not easy. It is a matter of physiology, the skill of a man interpreting a hardcore scene is essentially to maintain an erection for as long as possible and to cum as it is required by director. It is good for the italian hardcore industry, for example, the work of Sofia Gucci in recent months. The italian-romanian artist is making many castings and is trying out the qualities of different actors. In the last two posts dedicated to Sofia, we have presented two scenes with non-professional actors who had passed these castings.
Today, however, we show a clip from a casting itself. Along with Sofia there are three aspiring actors in what should be a porn cinema. A classic porn scene in which our Sofia excites her scene partners and each assigns a different role. There is the lucky protagonist of a cunnilingus that ends with a great squirt, art in which Sofia Gucci is famous. Then, she continues to excite and masturbate the other two partners, and the scene ends with the cumshot of one of the two aspiring actors, caused by a perfect footjob. We wish to these young men to careers in the hardcore industry but even if they can not succeed, will remember this experience with the queen of porn made in Italy. This video clip can be found on the page of Sofia Gucci, then click the link with the name of the italian-romanian artist on the right side of our home page, in the list of pages.

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