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Patricia Rhomberg, the first queen of european porn. New cumshots compilation on the page "Historical cumshots 2"

From where start the modern history of porn? It's a good question. Traditionally, the pioneer of the red lights cinema, the first star in a hardcore movie for the worldwide success that is considered today a mainstream cult was Linda Lovelace in "Deep Throat" (1972). But if we really want to be precise, the first explicit sex scenes were filmed in a swedish work of 1967, "I am Curious - Yellow", but it not was still a red-light film, but a drama in which context were entered these scenes by the director Vilgot Sj√∂man. The first real porn film was produced in the United States in 1970, the title was "Mona the virgin nymph” and the main actress was Fifi Watson. In my humble opinion the first queen of porn, the one who started the modern porn was undoubtedly Patricia Rhomberg. The austrian artist was not a pioneer in the historiographical sense of the term, not was the first true pornstar, but she was the first diva really complete to interpret scenes and situations which by that time, we are in the mid-70s, represented a novelty sensational and scandalous for worldwide porn and in particular for the european porn. For hardcore german cinema was indeed a "golden age", that is at its best with the legendary "Josefine Mutzenbacher" (for the U.S. hardcore industry the film was spread with the title of "Sensational Janine") in 1976, film of which we have already discussed in our "Porn Memories". Patricia was a meteor: a few years of career from 1975 to 1977, four films and about ten individual scenes (she withdrew from the set at the end of the 70s, now works as a doctor in a hospital in Switzerland). Were enough to her for give an indelible mark and indicate a road that was then crossed by thousands of actresses. It’s related to this extraordinary artist the first scenes of group sex, interracial and fetish of european porn cinema, shot with an intensity and a sexual charge simple incredible. Absolute mistress of the scene, we believe that Patricia Rhomberg represents a milestone of porn. Today her movies are mainly pearls by collectors and lovers of porn (I have almost all on VHS but some I remastered on DVD). They are pieces of history, gems of pure eroticism that continues to excite and give pleasure, today, after nearly 40 years. To Patricia Rhomberg I devoted a cumshots compilation that I've personally assembled, divided into two chapters and inserted on the page "Historical cumshots 2." To see it you just click the link in the list of pages to the right of our home page.
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