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magic of antarvasna post3

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magic of antarvasna post2

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magic of antarvasna post1

Monica Mattos and Katsuni make sex with dwarfs. Three new clips on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 3"

The search for new situations and increasingly bizarre in sex find fertile ground in a film genre that also plays the role of interpreting the strangest fantasies. Among these not is a new the performance of dwarf actors or actresses, a particular genre in the history of porn that also had authentic characters. Among these, the first that comes to mind is Aquiles, a curious little brazilian performer (little only by height) with a whimsical look from punk that in 2005 took his deserved fame after the movie "Aquiles sex machine", in which interpreted sex scenes with some of the most famous divas of the country of the carnival. We dedicate today's post just to these curious videos thats sees protagonist dwarf male actors. The first video clip that we publish is taken right from "Aquiles sex machine", the female star is obviously the queen Monica Mattos. We find our Monica in the second clip, another "little" partner for her, really lucky in this case because Moniquinha makes cum him twice. Another scene with a dwarf actor starring a great diva is the third clip that we publish today and sees protagonist Katsuni. It’s an handjob clip very exciting, especially for the sensual expression and the erotic charge of the french artist with almond eyes. To view our bizarre video clips of today, click the link "Pornstars cumshots mix 3" to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Brazilian cumshots compilation. New video on the page "Artistic shots - Page of cult cumshots 2"

Let's go back to Brazil, the magical land of many things and among them also incredible talents of the porn cinema. We do this with a spectacular cumshots compilationthat features many beautiful actresses hot as the sun in the country of Samba. The words in this case are of little use, here we prefer the facts: just click the link "Artisticcumshots - Pageof cult cumshots2" to see our new video and enjoy with these fantastic brazilian girls. The linkof course can be found in the list of pages to the right of our home page. Enjoy it!

Lesson of DP and cum swallow. New clip on the page of Black Angelika

We are always on the famous old speech of an alien who just landed on Earth, wants to know what is the porn. We believe that videos are worth a thousand words, and then I would not have any doubt to show him, for example, the clip that we publish today. The protagonist is the always more divine Black Angelika that in this fantastic threesome performs in two sublime arts of her repertoire and at the same time two fundamental of the artistic baggage of a great diva. If we cast a vote, I think that not exist an appropriate number that defines this performance in which our Angelika engages in a double penetration so erotic that I think it would be able to excite even a dead man. But the amazing romanian artist does not stop there and the scene ends with a cum swallow that would be appropriate to bring to a school of porn, to demonstrate how it is possible to express a lot of eroticism in a few minutes. The alien at this point has a useful material to make enjoy his entire planet, but we prefer Black Angelika here on Earth. For enjoy you too with the our Black Angelika, click the link that bears her name to the right of the home page, in the list of pages.

The amazing Stoya. New cumshots compilation on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 3"

An ethereal beauty, a slender body of gazelle combined with a mischievous expression. The ability to tie together eroticism, perversion, art and unbridled joy for sex. Stoya is all this and is one of those artists who do not allow half measures. You adore or hate her, but even in the latter case you can not but recognize her immense talent. The first time that I saw Stoya in a movie was in 2008. It was the blockbuster of Digital Playground "Pirates II - Stagnetti's Revenge". A small part for the american artist of serbian origin but in a scene absolutely unforgettable. Was the sequence of group sex in which Stoya was one of the dancers who gave rise to a wonderful orgy in front of the sight astonished and eager of the Captain Edward Reynolds (Evan Stone). Other female protagonists of the scene were Gabriella Fox and Shyla Stylez and served as the backdrop to all the fantastic lesbian show by Veronica Rayne and Abbey Brooks. I saw her again later in "Nurses" (superb her anal performance) and in "Teachers" (breathtaking threesome with Jenna Haze and Evan Stone). My favorite scene, among many others who sees her in a leading role in recent years, is the threesome with two men in "Bad Girls 5" in which she performs in her first double penetration. They are all movies from Digital Playground, with whom Stoya signed an exclusive contract in 2007, year of her debut in the hardcore industry. She has a past as a model and go-go dancer and she became famous in the United States for her relationship with the rock star Marilyn Manson in 2009. To this wonderful artist is dedicated a cumshots compilation that we published today in the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 3". To see it click on the apposite link to the right of our home page, in the list of pages. Have fun!

Full scenes: Aliz, threesome from "Elegance"

Rumor has it that she left the set. The latest news we have about Aliz, last January, saw her in the running for a Avn Awards as "Female Foreign Performer of the Year". In an old post dedicated to the young hungarian artist, when we put in our "Full scenes" her threesome taken from the italian production "The sound of love", we compared Aliz with her compatriot Madison Parker. So take inspiration from news discussing her retirement from the scenes to say that probably we were right. As Madison, also Aliz is an extraordinary talent. In my collection I have several films and videos that concern her and I’m always of the same opinion: Aliz is a talent only partially recognized by the hardcore industry, like Madison Parker. When the nominations for the Avn Awards were formalized last December, I had predicted Aliz as a possible winner. The winner was instead Aleska Diamond, another outstanding performer that unlike Aliz is now a "diva". I sincerely hope that if this great artist has really decided to leave the hardcore industry, think again soon. Talents like her are very rare and frankly the presence of performers of this thickness is very good for the porn cinema. It is very difficult, looking at her scenes, say today what is the specialty of Aliz. We believe that porn is her specialty: anal, double penetration, fisting, fetish, scenes of submission, deepthroat, gangbang. She interpreted everything and she did it in an absolutely sublime way. Today we devoted another video to Aliz, in full version, simply because she deserves it and deserve it too true lovers of porn that can not help but appreciate an artist like her. The video is taken from "Elegance", a masterpiece of Daring shot with the usual class from the director Lisa Loves. Do not miss even a second of this video and enjoy once again with the fantastic Aliz. The link you have to click is, of course, "Full scenes". Like all other is to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Porn Memories: Milly D'Abbraccio

It is with great pleasure that I draw inspiration from an email that was sent to us by Eros, a fan who follows us from Italy. Our italian friend makes us so many compliments for the blog and tells us to follow the porn from many years. His favorite artist was Milly D'Abbraccio. You have anticipated us of few days, dear Eros, because it was a bit of time that I wanted to dedicate a post to Milly, I think the best italian performer of all times. I hope I do not get upset the fans of the immortal Moana Pozzi, as I always say it is a matter of personal taste. To Moana I recognize the great merit of having brought the pornstars in italian homes, because before it was a genre almost hidden. But the talent of Milly in my humble opinion among italian artists of today has yet to find a successor. She was an amazing performer, powerfully erotic in her scenes, full of a wild sensual charge that led her to be absolute mistress of the set. A sexy tiger but at the same time a real queen. Milly was all this and much more. So we decided to dedicate to the artist of Avellino the deserved space in our "Porn Memories" where we have included three links that will allow you to look at three scenes really superb.

The  first is taken from "Milly Live" (1996), one of the first examples of "reality porn" of italian red light cinema where Milly alternates her live performances to hardcore scenes shot "behind the scenes".  
Then the unforgettable gangbang taken from "Paolina Borghese, Imperial nymphomaniac" (1997), in which the artist engages in a wonderfully erotic version of a historical character as the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte.  
Finally a beautiful threesome from "The teacher", the latest hardcore film shot by Milly D'Abbraccio in 2005. The links can be found to the right of our home page, in our "Porn Memories".

Sex in jail. New clip on the page of Sofia Gucci

Among the videos shot by Sofia Gucci for her website, the clip that we present today is definitely taken from one of the best. The setting is one of those dear to hardcore movies, behind the bars of a prison. Sofia is a prison guard who holds a very special attention to her prisoner and of course, if this is the treatment in a cell I think many of you would like to be sentenced to life imprisonment. The male protagonist is a novice actor, chosen by Sofia during one of her casting. Not bad this video, nice the short shot in POV during the sequence of blowjob, the position choice for the fuck is very beautiful. In the end we all preferred a nice facial but this cumshot over the ass of the italian-romanian diva is not bad. To see the work of our Sofia Gucci click the link that bears her name to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

More sex in car. Two new clips on the page "Public cumshots"

The videos shot in the car, maybe in a very amateur but no less exciting way, like a lot to the fans of our blog and now they elected the page "Public cumshots" as their favorite. From several months, it is always the most clicked page but the reason we understand very well. There is nothing more exciting than sex outdoor, perhaps with a little anxiety because someone might see us, but for this the situation is an extremely intriguing. Here then other two clips, the first is clearly amateur and was filmed secretly by this client that is secluded in his car with a young prostitute for a quick blowjob. Amateur video not bad. The second, also shot in a car, it is clearly more professional, even if the website in which it was published ensures that the female protagonist is a real prostitute that has been paid to make the video. We have some doubt given the familiarity that she shows with the camera but in any case it is clearly a clip filmed outdoor and the result is very nice. To view our new video clips you just need to click on the link "Public cumshots" to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Missionary fuck and cum swallow. New clip on the page of Jenna Haze

Eroticism and pornography. We firmly believe that one does not exist without the other, are closely linked. Pornography is undoubtedly the greatest expression of eroticism. In this a great artist like Jenna Haze was definitely great teacher. In her videos Jenna was able to express eroticism even when simply looked up or straightening the hair. A truly great artist. Another demonstration in the video clip that we publish today. Her movements in the sexual embrace and her naturalness when she receive in her mouth the pleasure of her partner, a cum swallow of anthology of porn. To be seen in the page dedicated to her. So click the link "Jenna Haze" which is in the list of pages to the right of our home page.

Casting swallow compilation. New video on the page "First Cumshots"

Is always very exciting to see a beautiful young girl groped her luck in the world of porn. Some are understandably awkward in the first casting but that does not mean anything, because maybe also other girls were awkward in past and later they became  great divas. In the video that we propose today, the protagonists are all non-professional actresses, some of them maybe see you one day on the important set. The proof is that they attempt is the cum swallow. Some are really good, others less so. But this video, just because improvised, it is truly wonderful and exciting. To look it  you just click the link "First Cumshots" found in the list of pages to the right of our home page

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