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Jenna Jameson in our special for Halloween: new video on the page "Historical cumshots 2"

Yesterday, October 31, 2012, we have well over 1,600 views to our blog. It is our absolute record with regard to views in a single day, the daily average was still attested around 1000 to 1100 visits and we are absolutely delighted. It's nice to be followed every day in an initiative that is born from love for porn and not-for-profit organization. We are pleased also to receive your e-mail, take the opportunity to remind you that our email address is always So we want to celebrate with you this amazing day for our blog and we continue our special for Halloween. For you, in the "Historical cumshots 2", a beautiful video starring Jenna Jameson. The Queen is struggling with a Zombie in a scene extremely hard and this is also proof that Jenna during her amazing career was also able to raise the deads. So click the link "Historical cumshots 2" to the right of our home page on the list of pages. Enjoy it!

Full scenes: special Halloween, Asa Akira and Jessica Jaymes from "Lust Bite"

Vampires walk among us and the night of Halloween reveal their face and sated their thirst for blood. On the occasion of the approaching night of witches, ghosts and vampires, we offer a beautiful themed video in full. It is taken from the wonderful series "Lust Bite" of Brazzers, namely the first episode, and sees in two performances of incredibile erotic high-power as many beautiful vampires, cruel and horny for sperm and blood. The protagonists are Asa Akira and Jessica Jaymes (pictured). Really do not miss our new video on the page "Full scenes". Then click the appropriate link that is in the list of pages to the right of our home page.

"Lexi", new erotic masterpiece by Elegant Angel

One hundred eighty minutes of pure eroticism, played with class and elegance from one of the best stars of the american porn cinema. The film is simply called "Lexi" by Elegant Angel, and was produced and distributed worldwide last month. It is a wonderful tribute to Lexi Belle and contains some of the most beautiful scenes of this year by the artist from Independence (Louisiana), a series of performances that candidates decidedly Lexi as a possible "Female Performer of the Year" at the next AVN Awards for which delivery is scheduled for next January in Las Vegas. I got to see "Lexi" very recently and I was entranced by all, as well as the erotic evolution of Lexi Belle but also from the images, the shots, the director (the director is the award winning Mason). Are the jobs that confirm all the artistry of hardcore cinema. The first scene sees Lexi Belle on a skating rink, a mix of innocence and perversion that characterizes this beautiful actress since her debut on set. Co-star of the scene is Riley Reid: the two artists bring to life a lesbian high-powered and then to a lovely threesome. The second scene is already rather famous, is the first anal performance of Lexi. Our artist is fantastic in every possible position, then the scene ends with a nice facial. In continuation of the movie Lexi Belle pulls really all possible situations of a hardcore set, we see her in a interracial scene, in a lesbian (with Dani Daniels) and in a very intense threesome with two men. In this post we posted the trailer of the movie that you should definitely see you soon!

Sasha Grey has been and continues to be a point of reference for all porn lovers. New clip on her page

For those who really love porn, for those who like us cultivate this passion and do not consider it only an outlet for sexual urges momentary, artist like Sasha Grey has been and continues to be a point of reference. I love Sasha, as a character, as a performer and as an actress, because the californian diva is all this and much more. Sasha entered in the porn aware of her choice and her performances on the set were the result of her instinct and her erotic vein, but also sons of a considerable artistic preparation about the hardcore cinema. Before undergoing an audition, Sasha Grey has studied, watched many movies and many famous actresses, took away their art by adding as much of herself. The mixture that came out was literally explosive, perhaps too explosive since the artist has left the hardocore industry last year declaring "I did everything you can do in porn cinema" and then look for "new professional reasons" in mainstream cinema. This too was a conscious choice to leave the porn when she was still one of the undisputed queens worldwide. Her films are so indelible because they are image of an artist still at the top of her performances. Today we see her in a new video clip that ends with a cum swallow of indescribable beauty. To view it, click the link "Sasha Grey" located to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Elle Rio, Angel Kelly and Veronica Sage. Two new clips on the page "Historical cumshots 2"

The history of porn is full of memorable scenes, made indelible on old films and still full of a charm. This obviously is due to the great performers that have marked the hardcore cinema. A scene that I remember, for example, among the thousands that I've seen, was the one who starred the extraordinary brazilian artist Elle Rio (pictured) with two men. It was the opening scene of "Born for Love", a real masterpiece of german hardcore cinema. At the time, it was the end of the 80s, especially watching the porn to masturbate and being very young I did not have the critical eye of the following years. I remember seeing the incredible performance of Elle I used to always cum before the scene ended, such was her erotic charge. We offer you today Elle Rio in another threesome that has the flavor of an act of celebration of hardcore cinema, since the other characters are Angel Kelly, one of the first great “colored” divas, and Peter North. But our brief review does not end here, today we also see an amazing scene of Veronica Sage (also this scene with “Big Peter”), californian artist of great success in the 90s. Shocking beauty – in the Peter North’s style - is the cumshot that closes this second and last clip of the day. To see our new videoclips you just need to click the link that takes you to the page "Historical cumshots 2", positioned as always in the list of pages to the right of the home page.

The "Anal Queen". Fantastic new clip on the page of Angel Dark

It almost seems like a mathematical equation. If you love porn love anal sex and if you love anal sex you love a great performer as Angel Dark. I have never hidden my passion for this phenomenal diva and honestly when I see a video like the one from which this clip that we publish today, I can only give thanks to the porn for its artistic expressions of rare and extreme beauty. Here then is a new video clip, dedicated to all fans of Angel and to all lovers of anal sex. Enjoy it to the bottom by clicking the link “Angel Dark" which is located to the right of our home page, in the list of pages. Enjoy it!

Full scenes: fantastic threesome for Katsuni and Stoya

There are scenes that make us really love the porn and give us sexual emotions of sublime entities. I never tire of repeating that the hardcore genre, just as mainstream cinema, is made a form of artistic expression based on their outstanding interpreters. This is the case of the scene that we present today in full, where the protagonists are two divas who need no introduction. It's from "Video Nasty 4", excellent production All Sex of Digital Playground release in 2008. The protagonists of a fantastic trheesome are Katsuni and Stoya. For the first, french of vietnamese father, it was one of the many magnificent scenes in her illustrious career. Katsuni is one of the most awarded artists in the history of the porn film, they are in fact 27 the awards received in different events of the hardcore industry between Europe and the United States, including as many as 10 AVN Awards between 2004 and 2010. And by the way of the top prize of the porn cinema, the french-vietnamese actress is the only to have won the award for three consecutive years as Female Foreign Performer of the Year (2005, 2006 and 2007). We are talking about a great specialist of anal sex and double penetrations, scenes of group sex, lesbian sex, fetish and bondage scenes. A diva that combines these qualities also with excellent quality recitative as shown in "Pirates II - Stagnetti's Revenge" in which the role of the very bad Xifeng fit to her like a glove. 
It was just this film to launch Stoya, the other protagonist of the video that we show today. One scene, among other things shared with other actresses, in "Pirates II" for the artist from Wilmington (North Carolina). It was the breathtaking sequence of group sex, co-starring Gabriella Fox and Shyla Stylez, and few minutes were enough to impose her as one of the emerging talents of the american porn film. Since are many the scenes of great quality that have seen her on set, some of my favorites are the threesome with Jenna Haze in "Teachers," her anal performance in "Nurses" and the threesome with two men of "Bad Girls 5 ", in which Stoya has performed very well in the first double penetration of her career. So enjoy these two shining stars in our new video that found in full in the "Full scenes", by clicking the appropriate link to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Strapon Mistress, new video on the page of Black Angelika

For those who like to be dominated by women, who dream of maybe being submissive and owned in a game for the exchange of sexual roles, there is nothing better than a harsh and sensual mistress. They are clothes that fit like a glove to our Black Angelika, the protagonist of a video that I have defined in no uncertain terms a little erotic gem. The clip that we propose today is for special tastes, I have to say that personally is not my genre, but we also have a large portion of our blog fans who love fetish and that we were often asked to devote more space to these subtle erotic fantasies. See the art of Black Angelika is always a pleasure and I must say that this video, taken from the series "Strapon Dreamer", is very exciting so I strongly suggest you view it in its entirety. We propose a video with several clips we've put together (full version lasts over 40 minutes) that in any case, even if partially, puts once again showcase the talent of the romanian artist. It looks like a scene like many, early Angelika dance and a spectator moves closer, pulling his cock out of his pants in a very explicit. But she suggests something different and the scene moves on a couch: she masturbates him, before with handjob and then with an exciting footjob. You switch to a 69 where Angelika, however, uses only her hands. Here you get to the climax of the scene, the romanian artist wearing a strapon and sodomizing her partner in reverse cowgirl (or cowboy in this case) and in doggy style. The exchange of roles culminating with a scene of oral sex, his knees and she performs in a perfect mouthfuck before exploding into his mouth with a "fake cumshot", as the toy has an exciting option. And of course at this point Mistress Black Angelika rewards her slave, allowing him to cum on her feet. For all lovers of fetish, then, but also for fans of the great romanian diva, to see our new video clip you have to click on the link "Black Angelika" that is in the list of pages to the right of our home page.

Porn Memories: Jenna Jameson

I hope today not to be considered a profane, or worse, be accused of the crime of "injured majesty." I take inspiration from a long email that is written by Paul, a fan of our blog that follows us from Jacksonville, Florida. Paul is a big fan and follower of the porn cinema and asks how ever in our "Cumhsots Girls House" has found little space "the Queen", Jenna Jameson. In fact, we published only a cumshots compilation in our page "Historical cumshots" and have linked her beautiful groupsex scene, along with Laure Sainclair, Sindee Coxx and Nici Sterling, from a true masterpiece like "Wicked Weapon" in this same section "Porn Memories". My relationship as a spectator with Jenna Jameson has always been controversial. Her beauty, her stage presence, her erotic and artistic talent combined with excellent acting skills are beyond any doubt. Jenna is definitely one of the biggest pornstars of all times, but nevertheless has never been one of my favorite divas. I have at least a dozen, including VHS and DVD, of her films and also I keep a large number of individual scenes that sees her in the role of protagonist. There is no particular reason why an artist like less than others, it is just a matter of personal taste.
But I believe that the greatest talent of Jenna has been the ability to sell her image, has in fact turned out to be an extraordinary entrepreneur of herself and her own production company, "Club Jenna", continues today to be one of the major companies for economic revenue of the hardcore industry in the world, although they are now more than two years after her final withdrawal from the set. Her acting talent has led almost always to act in the highest quality productions, in addition to the aforementioned "Wicked Weapon" in 1998, are also very beautiful film decidedly "Satyr" (1996), "Flashpoint" (1998), " Dream Quest "(2000) which is known to history as the first true mix of hardcore and fantasy cinema, and " The Masseuse "(2005). It is from these films that we propose a series of scenes that sees Jenna Jameson protagonist.


Jenna Jameson & Asia Carrera from "Dream Quest"


Interracial POV blowjob, new videoclip on the page of Tori Black

The POV is pure cinematic art and is the most direct way to make the audience feel in the spotlight. The POV, literally "Point of view", arises primarily with porn but it was later exported to mainstream cinema. Personally, I love the POV, I consider it a form of artistic expression of incredibly high and if this particular technique we combine the talent of a great interpreter, the result is a masterpiece. This is the case of Tori Black that has turned many POV scenes. What we offer today has as its background a pool and is a sequence oral-interracial. They are the first years of career for the great artist from Seattle but she took very little time to establish herself as one of the queens of hardcore worldwide. Seeing her in this scene, see how she uses her mouth and hands but also how she interacts with the camera (and in this Tori really has very few rivals) raises the erotic tone of the scene to incredible levels. The scene ends with a fantastic cum swallow, another erotic art in which Tori Black is a teacher. Enjoy this wonderful scene in the page dedicated to her, please click the link "Tori Black" which is located to the right of the home page, in the list of pages. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Sex on the shopping center, new clip on the page "Public cumshots"

The palm for the best amateur porn is without doubt for the german productions. Germany is also home to great artists such as Annette Schwarz to which we have devoted a large tribute on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2", but it is especially in the video with non-professional actors that teutonic porn stands out, especially in exciting outdoor sequences shot really in a hidden way. This is the case of the beautiful video that we have today added on the page "Public cumshots". Starring an unscrupulous german couple who decide to have sex while shopping in the supermarket. We see them enter in the in the shopping center and start with a blowjob, first near the shelves of the fruit and then in the cab designed to test the clothes. But she did not stop using her mouth and hands even when the couple goes around between the shelves of food, as long as the two arrive in the department of drinks. Here, finally, he fucks her, taking her from behind, and the scene culminates with a creamy cumshot between her tits. A video truly well done and very exciting that you can  see just by clicking on the link "Public cumshots" located to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Video reported by our fans: fantastic fuck and facial for this talented camgirl

Beyond those that are the performances of professional actresses, as we have seen in some previous posts, it is not uncommon to find online video really well done, even with techniques totally amateur. This is the case of the video that we posted today in this post: the protagonist is a camgirl, so this is a video shot in live webcam, that offers to her lucky customer an extraordinary show in couple with a man. Very exciting the way in which the male protagonist is masturbating or the footjob sequence, without pulling his cock out by the pants. Excellent, also, the sequence in doggy style. The performance culminates with a wonderful facial. So thank our friend Luis, a fan of our blog that follows us from Brazil, for pointing us this great video which you can watch below this post. Good vision.

Online our new page: "Pornstars cumshots mix 3" with two new cumshots compilation of Madelyn Marie and Shawna Lenee

In an attempt to give even more space to our divas with new and exciting video clips, inaugurating today the third chapter of our "Pornstars cumshots mix." Our new page is in fact online today, "Pornstars cumshots mix 3", and also in this case it’s a baptism with the fireworks, since we have added two cumshots compilation, beautifully packaged as always by that great artist of "cumpilation" which is Lord of Cumshots, thats sees protagonists two american divas. The first is Madelyn Marie: amazing girl, exceptional body and artistic talent of extraordinary density, the actress from New York debuted in the hardcore industry in 2008 and has worked for the major studios, including Vivid Entertainment, Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground, Zero Tolerance, Hustler, Cezar Capone, Evil Angel and Girlfriend Films. Since 2010, however, she became a contract star of Blue Bird Films. As Tori Black, Madelyn also in her career is adept in the role of Catwoman always extremely erotic. It happened in 2010, on the occasion of “BatFucks”, yet another hardcore parody of Batman this time produced by Blue Bird.
Even Shawna Lenee, star of our second "cumpilation", is one of those artists who contribute today to do a porn film genre of astonishing beauty. Incredibly beautiful and expressive face and "atomic" body, in my opinion Shawna is one of the hardcore industry's most complete performer in the world. The actress from Cleveland is also one of the best "cum swallower" in circulation and is a great specialist in "threesome scenes" with two women. By the way, if you've never seen, do not miss her performacens with Riley Steele in "Pirates II - Stagnetti's Revenge", with Gabriella Fox in "Nurses" and with Adrenalynn in "Cheerleaders". To see the cumshots compilation of Madelyn Marie and Shawna Lenee click the link of our new page, "Pornstars cumshots mix 3", to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Lucia Ramirez and Annj Goren: the muses of Joe D'Amato in "Historical cumshots 2"

There are directors who have made the history of cinema for their great ability to penetrate into different genres, mix them but also to experiment some genres completely new. Joe D'Amato was one of these directors, in his long career he was able to combine porn with horror, the erotic genre with the thriller, the western with comedy. I think, however, that are really masterpieces the films created by the roman director during his erotic-exotic period. These movies, shot in low-cost on the island of Santo Domingo also using local actors, entered in the history of italian cinema and today are considered authentic cult. It was maistream films in which, however, D'Amato inserted also sequences decidedly hardcore. Among these, I feel obliged to mention "Sesso nero" in 1980, rightly regarded as the first porn movie in the history of italian cinema, and "Porn Holocaust" of 1981, an extraordinary visionary film that cleverly mixes horror and eroticism, probably one of the best works born from the genius of Joe D'Amato. Two the muses of the director in this period, the italian actress Annj Goren (her real name is Anna Maria Napolitano), an artist of extraordinary quality, and the beautiful dominican Lucia Ramirez. They are, along with Mark Shannon, the protagonists of the porn scenes in these works by D'Amato. In our "Historical cumshots 2" then we propose three sequences that sees protagonists these two artists. The first, taken from "Sesso nero", is a beautiful oral sex scene interpreted with expert skill by Lucia Ramirez. From the same film is a wonderful interracial scene by Annj Goren. Finally, we pay tribute to "Porn Holocaust" with what is the most beautiful scene of the film, an interracial threesome with a fantastic Annj Goren (pictured). To see our new clips click on the link "Historical cumshots 2" which is located to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.
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