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Fantastic threesome by Aletta Ocean, new clip on her page

One of the best movies that sees Aletta Ocean in the role of the main character is definitely this italian production of last year. Distributed by ATV Entertainment and directed by JF Romagnoli, "The sound of love" is really a wonderful porn movie with plot, set in the world of music. Aletta plays Sofia, the owner of a record label, on the hunt for new talents. The beautiful Sofia will literally bowled over by the skill of a gypsy musician nicknamed "The Prince," starring Zenza Raggi. She will lead “The Prince” to success but at the same time will be led into an intriguing journey to the pleasures of sex more rampant. We propose, therefore, in the page dedicated to the Empress a great clip from this film, a threesome that sees Aletta magnificent protagonist deploy all of her best weapons, analsex and double penetration. To watch this video, please click the link "Aletta Ocean", the first in the list of pages on the right side of our home page.

Raven Alexis and her mystery novel. New clip in the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2"

We were virtually close to her in her most difficult battle. Now heave a sigh of relief in knowing that the battle has been won but for the way in which this matter has been, the case of Raven Alexis became a mystery novel. It all started last year at the height of the career of the artist from Spokane (Washington State). In January in 2011 she had triumphed in Las Vegas with the capture of two "AVN Awards" for the Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene and the Wildest Sex Scene, both for her performances in the beautiful "Body Heat" from Digital Playground. Then during the summer, the dramatic news, released by the same actress of native american origins. As of July 8, 2011 she announced her break from porn caused from an advanced metastatic cancer. She wrote on her twitter: "To all my fans.... I am going to be taking an indefinite time off from the adult industry due to illness... I ask for your thoughts and most of all for my privacy during this difficult and painful time. I love you all, and hope to return to adult performing and directing in the future".
On Sept 27 2011, it was reported by Howard 100 News that she has stage 4 metastatic cancer that had spread to her brain. After her miraculous recovery, rumors have been circling that she had, in fact, staged the diagnosis. She has deleted all Twitter posts regarding her time battling cancer and removed all references asking for funds from her Facebook fan page. These rumors have not been substantiated, though she has not yet publicly commented on the controversy, and has refused to provide medical documentation of her condition. Personally we do not want to express an opinion on the matter of course. On the one hand we think it's just crazy to mount such a story and stop for over a year a career studded with great success. On the other hand, as the news spread about the health of Raven pointed to a stage 4 cancer metastasis, we know that despite the advances in medicine is very difficult to heal when the tumor reaches a level so advanced. We are more inclined to believe that they have been spread false rumors about the severity of the disease of Raven and maybe this was a curable cancer. The important thing is that now the american artist is in good health and would soon return to the set to show again to all fans of hardcore cinema her talent. In this regard, in the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2", we have included a small cumshots compilation of Raven Alexis. To see it click on the appropriate link which is as always in the list of pages to the right of our home page.

Cumshots Girls House is now on Facebook

Cumshots Girls House is now on Facebook. It's online from today our profile at the following link,
if you click on it or if you want search directly on Facebook the name LisaMike Hotshots, you can ask friendship to us. I am, Lisa, to take care of the Facebook page (Mike is too busy between work and blog) on which there are already photos of some of the most popular artists in the hardcore industry as well as links to some videos that we have made on other sites. Among other things, there are also some of my sexy photos. We look forward to many!


Bobbi Eden and Ana Nova, new clips on the page "Artistic Shots 2"

Among our supporters who continue to write frequently, Matteo from Italy asks us to publish new clips that feature "The king of cumshots", Peter North. We have posted several videos on what is still one of the most charismatic porn actors in the world and among other things we have in the "Cumshot compilations to some free porn sites" also a roundup of some of his best cumshots. We would like to please Matteo by posting in our "Artistic Shots 2" two more clips of "Big Peter" that have also the flavor of a tribute to two great european artists that even if they have spent thirty continue to be very listed in the industry. The first is Bobbi Eden (pictured), one of the best talents produced from the thriving hardcore dutch industry. Peter North reserves a spectacular facial for the blonde and hot Bobbi. Among other things, the artist jumped to the headlines during the Football World Cup in South Africa in 2010, when in Twitter was declared to be willing to do blowjobs to all her Twitter followers if Holland had won the World Cup. Unfortunately for all fans of the beautiful Bobbi, the netherlands team lost the final against Spain. The second artist is Ana Nova. Born in the former East Germany, she began work on her country in the early twenty-first century, and later moved to the United States. Even today that she is 37 y.o, continues to be an actress in high demand especially for anal and gangbang scenes. To see our new videos click the link "Artistic Shots - Page of cult cumshots 2" to the right of our home page under the "Pages".

Madison Parker, new clip on her page with Angelica Heart and Jeny Baby

How we miss Madison Parker. Missing to us that we have followed her since the beginning of career until last year when the young hungarian artist has decided to abandon the hardcore scenes, but especially the missing to porn because despite the enormous wealth of actresses, the absence of a so pure talent is hard to fill. On the page dedicated to her today publish a video of high erotic thickness, a clip that sees Madison Parker with two other great hungarian artists, Angelica Heart and Jeny Baby. Together the three divas one lucky male partner for a beautiful foursome. Notable the anal performances of Jeny (doggy style) and Madison (revers cowgirl). At the end the three actresses have to share how good friends the facial cumshot. To watch this video, please click the link "Madison Parker" which is of course on the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Happy Birthday Cumshots Girls House

A great job done by two people, Mike and Lisa. This is the first time that we write our names on our blog because our choice was to make speak pictures and videos. We started last year without being pretentious. On August 28, 2011 is the date of our first post, in which we explained briefly what we want offer to all fans of porn. We wanted to highlight the most sublime and most highly erotic moment of adult film. The cumshot testifies usually the concluding part of the scene but also the sequence most artistically expressive as part of the actress. In one year we have offered many cumshots, we chose eight artists in the role of "godmothers" and each of them we have dedicated a page. It was not a choice dictated by particular reasons: they are simply our favorite pornstars. But we have also offered other videos and photos of other stars of the industry, we have gone back in time to find all those beautiful and talented artists who have made the history of the genre, challenged, mistreated but remains the most watched film genre in the world. Our aim was to show how those changed the porn industry over the years and how it is a true reflection of the evolution of the times. We have also shown some famous stars of yesterday and today at the beginning of their careers, and even common girls who have decided to try the adventure in porn, even though the competition is fierce for women, hoping maybe one day to become famous . We offered bread for their teeth to incurable voyeur with our "outdoor" cumshots. Please note, there is nothing wrong with being "voyeur", we are voyeur all of us who love porn. We also followed the big events such as the AVN Awards. All for the love of porn, for the sake of art that porn can express no tricks or special effects. A year after our blog travels at an average of over 1,000 views a day, and we receive dozens of emails every week (our address is always Thank you so for passion and affection with which we followed. 

To celebrate our first birthday in this post we offer you a commemorative cumshots compilation and we hope you enjoy it

 In addition, for the occasion, we also offer a short amateur clip shot by me with Lisa. It is a rare circumstance but we did it to give an image to the authors of this blog. We are voyeurs but so little exhibitionists. Keep on, then read our posts, watching our clips and our photos. Continue ... to cum with us!

New clips on the page "First Cumshots", including one of the first casting of Gracie Glam

It is always very intriguing to search for porn castings. In our archive we do not have a lot of castings and therefore often go to the meticulous watching several videos offered by the Net. Very beautiful new clips that we published today in our "First Cumshots", taken from successful series based on "porn auditions" as "Dream Stash", "Models First Audition" and "Exploited College Girls". We could not miss a gem of what is now one of the artists most talented of U.S. hardcore industry. We present in fact one of the first casting of Gracie Glam (pictured), a very beautiful clip of funny contours. Gracie in her performance that still sees the role of beginner has a little problem with the cum swallow, a technique that after the actress of North Carolina has learned to perform to perfection. To see our new videos click on the link "First Cumshots" located to the right of our home page, in the list of pages

Kagney Linn Karter on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2"

Another exceptional artist protagonist of another fantastic cumshots compilation, assembled with wisdom by Lord of Cumshots. Kagney Linn Karter is one of the leading actresses of the prestigious "Zero Tolerance Entertainment": the texan diva is 25 years old and made ​​her debut in the adult industry in 2008, working with "Naughty America"​​. In June 2009 she was selected as "Pet of the Month" by Pentohouse and in her career won two AVN Awards, both in 2010 as "Best New Starlet" and "Best POV scenes." Explosive body and a highly erotic adrenaline, she was protagonist in these years of memorable performances, as the threesome together with Alexis Texas in the sixth chapter of the "Doll House", one of the best of this wonderful series "All Sex" that saw protagonists also Monique Alexander, Aletta Ocean, Bridgette B. and Aliz. To see the cumshot compilation of Kagney click the link "Pornstars cumshots mix 2" which is located to the right of our home page under the "Pages".

Lexi Belle, threesome from "Superman XXX": new video on the page "Full scenes"

Personally, the movie did not make me mad, without detracting from the actors that make up a truly exceptional cast. "Superman XXX" is one of many parodies in key porn that are inspired by celebrities of cinema and comics: the female cast is fantastic, there are Andy San Dimas, Alexis Texas, Zoe Voss, Kristina Rose and Lexi Belle. This last is the protagonist of what in my opinion is the most beautiful scene in the film, the initial which takes place in a board of airplane. Lexi is Janet, the stewardess of the aircraft, that extemporize a trheesome of hectic tones and high erotic quality in the cockpit with the pilot (Evan Stone) and the co-pilot (Alec Knight). The scene culminates in a beautiful double facial but just a few moments after the spectacular cumshots, due to the failure of a jet engine the airplane began to lose altitude. Of course, the intervention of Superman (Jeremy Bilding) will save the situation. Little doubt about the quality of this scene, being Lexi Belle who at this moment is, in my opinion, one of the most talented and complete artists of american porn. The performance of Lexi is an extraordinary level despite the blonde louisianian actress not has a major role in this film. But I must say that I really enjoyed Lexi more in "Superman XXX" rather than in the porn parody of Batman, where she had a more important role (Batgirl). In our "Full scenes" so we offer you this beautiful threesome of Lexi Belle, enjoy your time clicking the link “Full scenes” that is to the right of the home page, in the list of pages.

Sasha Grey, the art of porn: new clips in her page

There is no doubt that she is a fascinating character. In some recent interviews she said that considered her career in porn - ended last year - as a parenthesis, but definitely Sasha Grey has left an indelible mark in the adult movie industry with a series of extraordinary and unforgettable performances. However, even though now she has undertaken a mainstream acting career, you can bet that Sasha will never cease to amaze. She is the image of a modern girl, intelligent, politically engaged (she says left-wing extremist). She considered her experience in porn as a form of artistic expression and in this we are in complete agreement with her, because the porn is a form of artistic expression and Sasha in the adult cinema was absolutely a wonderful artist. We now offer four other clips that concern her, not to be missed. Then click the link "Sasha Grey" which is located to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

New videoclips on the pages of Black Angelika and Sofia Gucci

Both are romanian, although in the case of Sofia we can now consider her italian by adoption. Black Angelika and Sofia Gucci is definitely two of the most talented artists of the adult film industry. The present anew today in two video clips that we have included in the respective pages of the two actresses. We admire Black Angelika in a beautiful POV, in which the artist shows off her skill with her hands and mouth to make cum her scene partner. The clip of Sofia is instead taken from one of her last films, "Sex Appeal", shot this year. We offer a wonderful anal sequence that culminates then with a cumshot in her mouth. To see our new videos click the links "Black Angelika" and "Sofia Gucci", located on the right side of our home page, in the list of pages.

Porn Memories: "Zazel: The Scent of Love"

It is a true work of art, I think it can get quite rightly one of the best movies ever of all time and not only in the film for adults. I chartered it in a video self-service in 1997, had attracted me to the title because of porn movies was the only one who not drew explicit sex. That day, for over two hours, I was captivated by the psychedelic images of this masterpiece, I entered in the world of Zazel. "Zazel: The Scent of Love" is in my humble opinion the best adult movies ever filmed and produced, the result of the genius of the dutch filmmaker Philip Mond. The protagonists are all girls enhanced by the glossy pages of "Penthouse". Made in 1996 and distributed the following year, literally overflowed in the AVN Awards 1998, winning 7 awards: Best All Sex Movies, Group Scenes, Cinematography, Art Direction, Editing, Overall Marketing Campaign and Selling Tape of the Year. It also won another AVN Award in 2009 for Best Classic Release. It is production All Sex with a storyline initial, where a well-known perfume company asks his best collaborator, Zazel (Sasha Vinni), to create an essence only one that can encompass eroticism and desire. Thus began in a garden of a Thousand and One Night the imaginary journey of Zazel to a series of erotic experiences between fantasy and dream from which will born her scent.

The scenes

"Blue Siren" sequence: In the opening sequence, Sasha Vinni emerges from a pond as the "Blue Siren", her nude body is painted bright blue and multiple arms appear and gesticulate behind her like the Avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. She then performs cunnilingus on the "Water Nymph" (Grace Harlow).
"Wild Orchid" sequence: Sasha Vinni as Zazel sits at her desk and airbrushes an image of a flower. A visual pun is created as the petals start to move and contract and reveal themselves as artfully painted labial folds. 
"Bird of Paradise" sequence: Sasha Vinni appears as an assistant to a male lover/tattoo artist played by Devin Deray. Sasha Vinni shaves Lene Hefner's crotch with a spa razor, rinses it with an urn full of water. The tattoo artist then designs a colorful flower pattern on Hefner's vulva. The trio then engage in sex.
"Jungle" sequence: In the "Jungle" sequence, Sasha Vinni's nude body is artfully painted with tiger stripes as she writhes and crawls through tropical vegetation. The scene ends with a close-up shot of a woman (whose face is never seen) with a tiger's face painted on her buttocks. The woman rides a man's cock, creating the illusion that the tiger's face is blowjob him.
"Precious Flower" sequence: This is sequence is yet another variation on the flower motif as Sasha Vinni is shown penetrating herself with flower-shaped objects and masturbating.

"Three Musketeers" sequence: In the "Three Musketeers" sequence, Sasha Vinni, Brooke Lane and Anna Romero appear in 17th-century-style period costume based on the characters of the Dumas novel. They strip, kiss, perform cunnilingus on one another, and masturbate by penetrating themselves with rubber dildoes which they have outfitted on the back of their riding boots like spurs.
"Angels" sequence: The "Angels" sequence is filmed in bright, diffuse light and features three women (Sasha Vinni, Brooke Lane and Helena) as "Female Angels", each with elaborately knotted hair and coated in pale, peach-colored body paint. These three female angels perform various sexual acts with a similarly painted man outfitted with giant angel's wings (Antonio Valentino)—the "Winged Male Angel". (Anna Romero and Kevin James served as body doubles.)
"Old Black-and-White Movie" sequence: The black-and-white sequence is the only one to feature no lesbian sex at all, and it is also the only part of the film in which Sasha Vinni does not appear. It begins with Gina LaMarca as "the Seductress", wearing ornate white pasties over her breasts with a matching white crotch guard (see main DVD cover above), gyrating on a bed. The fetish accessories are soon removed and she and her male partner (Jon Severini) engage in various sexual activities. Cross-cutting from the man's final cumshot on her belly, they are also seen performing a tumbling dive into a swimming pool while holding hands and then resurfacing to embrace and cuddle in the wate
"Mysterious Union" sequence: Sasha Vinni performs a sensuous erotic dance with one half of her face and body painted and dressed as a woman in a skirt, and the other half made up as a mustachioed man wearing a suit. Sasha takes turns showing her "female" and then "male" side to the camera while the other half remains hidden in shadow and out of view. The sequence concludes with an outlandish-looking woman—shaven-headed except for a teased-up lemon blonde mohawk(which might be a wig) and with spangled clothespins fastened to her nipples—who is seen to be fellating an ornate glass perfume bottle.
"Water Odyssey" sequence: In the penultimate sequence in the film, Sasha Vinni and Nikie St. Gilles appear as mermaids outfitted with tail fins. They dispense with the mermaid accessories and engage in lesbian activities. As in the "Blue Siren" sequence, some of the cunnilingus activity is filmed underwater.

"Diablo d'Inferno" sequence: The "Diablo d'Inferno" sequence features Anna Romero as a "She-Devil" in a fetishistic red latex devil's costume—outfitted with red latex horns, red latex ballet boots, open-bottomed red latex hot pants, and a long red latex forked devil's tail protruding from a red flared dildo attachment that is embedded in her rectum. (Although Sasha Vinni appears in this costume on the U.S. video cover [see above], only Anna Romero wears it in the film.) During this sequence the lower portion of the screen is filled with digitally superimposed flames for atmospheric effect. The She-Devil sneaks up behind Zazel, who is sitting at a table airbrushing a design of the She-Devil and her costume, and "decapitates" the artist with a scythe. The She-Devil crawls around Zazel's freshly "severed" head, now placed upon the table. The She-Devil thrusts her pussy into Zazel's face. The scene continues with the She-Devil (now without the tail-dildo) having sex with a "Gargoyle" (Kevin James) and a "Demon Man" (Drew Reese), which ends with a vaginal/anal double penetration.
Philip Mond later has directed two other beautiful film, "Sinema" and "Insexts", taking advantage of the beautiful wife Gina Mond as the main protagonist. Nothing to say about the quality of these films, and especially the performances of Gina (in respect for those who have not seen we have a cumshot compilation of Gina Mond in the page "Pornstars cumshots mix"), but the magic of "Zazel" remains a point unparalleled. Let's enjoy the movie in full version...

Rachel Ryan, Linda McDowell, Nicole Black and Trinity Loren in "Historical cumshots 2"

Our fascinating journey into the history of porn continues with four other great american artists, authors of unforgettable performances during the so-called "Golden Age" of porn but also in the years immediately following. Let's start with the fantastic Rachel Ryan, actress which I am personally very attached because her film "Hotel Paradise" from 1989 is the first VHS porn I have ever purchased. A specialist of analsex (the clip that we show is just such a wonderful anal sequence from “Beefeaters”), Rachel had a career full of great performances from the mid-80s to late 90s. With Linda McDowell instead go back a few decades. The onset of this artist is in fact with "Penthouse Passions", a film dated 1971. Short but intense her career, which ended in the second half of the '70s. About Linda we show you a superb double facial of exceptional artistic value. The third artist that we show is the mischievous Nicole Black (1st picture), her parable in porn embraces almost all the 80s, always with performances from high school of porn characterized by her spontaneity in front of the camera.
Finally, a tribute to a great diva like Trinity Loren (2nd picture), one of the most famous "boobstars" in the history of U.S. porn film. Her debut takes place in 1985 and quickly became one of the undisputed queen of the industry. She retired from the scene in the early 90s for fear of AIDS (then the controls on HIV were not as precise as it is today), including her latest interpretations emphasize the aforementioned "Beefeaters" (1989), film with a stellar cast (Moana Pozzi, Peter North, Rachel Ryan and Nina De Ponca among others). A rewarding career but also a turbulent life (problems with depression and, subsequently, drug addiction), who was the tragic end in 1998, with the death of the actress caused by an overdose of painkillers (there was talk of a possible suicide).
To see our new clips you just need to click the link "Historical cumshots 2" which is in the list of pages to the right of our home page. Enjoy it!

New hot videoclips on the page "Public cumshots"

Having sex outdoors, perhaps with a few curious that can spy, goes well in all seasons but is particularly exciting in the summer, with the heat. For all lovers of cumshots in public places we have added four new clips in our page "Public cumshots". Different location of our videos: a private party with many guests, a moving car where a fantastic girl drives, shifts the gears and at the same time makes a delicious handjob to her boyfriend, a garden that becomes the scene of a bukkake party and finally , a video taken from the series "Britney's cum trainer", shot in a public restroom. To see our new videos click the link "Public cumshots", which is as always to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Three new clips in "Artistic Shots - Page of cult cumshots 2"

There have missed our "artistic facials". In fact, the facial has always been one of the most exciting and most spectacular of an adult film. In this regard, we offer three new clips in the "Artistic Shots - Page of cult cumshots 2", which surely you can enjoy to the hilt. Have fun!

Four new clips so hot on the page of Angel Dark

End of the holidays, at least for us, and the fact that we enjoy now again more time to devote to our passion, we will update our blog more often than we have done in recent months. We continue to large with four new clips of Angel Dark, the slovak panther. We see now the great artist of Sobrance protagonist of an "oiled boobjob" with cumshot on tits, a cum fountain always on her fantastic natural big boobs, a cumshot on the asshole and a wonderful double facial at the culmination of a DP. To see the new video of our Angel click the link that bears her name, is like all the others on the right side of our home page on the list of pages.

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"Catwoman" and "Wonder Woman", new clips on the page of Tori Black

The success of "porn parody" is now a reality. More and more producers of the film for adults in search of credible plots, they resort to those of famous films or are inspired by cartoon characters. Personally I have always stressed in the porn cinema with the difference between films with plot and productions "All Sex”. I am a real lover of porn and I prefer the latter, which put greater emphasis on the quality of the artists. In movies with plot is often the same plot that is sacrificed at the expense of the sex scenes but the opposite also happens. Yet in the past I enjoyed several italian works with plot by Mario Salieri and I also like some of the "Porn Parodies" produced in recent years. Definitely the first place, among these, I put the saga of "Pirates" from Digital Playground that in the first chapter had its strengths in its beautiful actresses (Jesse Jane, Carmen Luvana and Janine Lindemulder among others), but was exceeded in the second chapter "Pirates II - Stagnetti's Revenge", due to the contribution of artists such as Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze and Belladonna, but above all an extraordinary Shay Jordan, widely the best performer in the film. Among the "Porn Parodies" that I liked, surely that of "Star Trek I" (wonderful the scene with Jenna Haze) and "Ghostbusters" (wonderful actress and performer Raven Alexis).

I enjoyed a little less "Avatar" (but to emphasize the scene with Danica Dillan especially in her anal performance) and "Superman" (but is beautiful the threesome in airplane with Lexi Belle). Among the porn parodies in recent years, particular mention should definitely "Spiderman", "Hulk," "Twilight" but also "Scooby Doo", just to name a few beacuse the list is very long. This long introduction to switch to our Tori Black has lent her face and her body to two illustrious characters in comics and film. In this sense, her most famous is that of Catwoman in "Batman XXX", her threesome with Batman and Robin is now entered in its own right in the history of porn but it is equally notable for her performance in "Wonder Woman" in which Tori had the lead role. On the page dedicated to the great artist from Seattle so we offer two video clips, in the role of Catwoman in the first and second in those of Wonder Woman. So click the link "Tori Black" to your right, in the list of pages.

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Gabriel Pontello and Tajia Rae: new clip in "Historical cumshots 2"

Who remembers "Ifix tcen tcen"? In the 70s and 80s the porn had its many magazines. In Italy was a great success "Supersex", a series of picture stories hardcore had starring french actor Gabriel Pontello. It was the story of an alien landed on Earth that through the power of his "erotic fluid" seduces all women. "Ifix tcen tcen" was his battle shout, when Gabriel broke through in a copious cumshot. These picture stories now have become a cult and are coveted by many collectors. Of "Supersex" was later also turned into movies. Let's review Gabriel Pontello in a video of the '80s that we published in the "Historical cumshots 2", in which he starred with the beautiful Tajia Rae (pictured). To view it just click the appropriate link that is located to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages.

Do My White Girl Blog

Fans of young IR couples need to visit the DO MY WHITE GIRL blog at

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Capri Cavalli in "Pornstars cumshots mix 2"

Produced by the "Bluebird" is a beautiful film of 2010 "Bonnie & Clyde", a porn action movie starring the beautiful Natasha Marley we mentioned in previous post. Co-starring in the movie and starring with Natasha of a fabulous threesome is the feisty canadian artist Capri Cavalli (among other things, of this scene we have a clip in the short cumpilation of Natasha Marley on the page “Pornstars cumshots mix”). Actress very complete from the feline movements and exuberant eroticism, Capri today has a permanent place in the star system at red lights, even if she lacks a true role of the protagonist in a film that deserves and that we hope her to play soon. Her performances, however, are always to remember for the highest quality erotic and interpretation. To the wonderful Capri Cavalli we have dedicated a cumshot compilation in our page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2" that you can see by clicking the appropriate link that is located to the right of our home page in the list of pages

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Online our new page, "Full scenes"

The scenes in full version is not a first for our blog, we have previously published some in special circumstances (would be a shame to publish only a clip from scenes like the beautiful underwater blowjob of Isabella Soprano, the gangbang of Joaly from "Napoli" by Salieri or the legendary threesome of Anna Romero in "Zazel") or important occurrences related to the world of porn (the celebration of the 2012 AVN Award winners or the anniversary of the disappearance of the great Anna Malle). In recent months we have received several mails asking us to post more scenes in full version and we have therefore decided to open a page about it. In this case, our choice will be very careful, do not post a lot and so we will try to be selective, offering scenes perhaps less known and therefore less "commercial". Let us open our new page, "Full scenes", and given the same time as the Olympic Games in London the first two videos are dedicated to three wonderful british artists. In the first we see Donna Marie starred in a memorabile threesome: must-see the double final facial. The second video is taken from the wonderful film “Chekout hardcore”, by Bluebird, and sees together those I believe are today the most talented hardcore actresses in the UK: Natasha Marley (pictured) and Gemma Massey. To see our new video click the link "Full scenes" which is like all the others to the right of our home page, in the list of pages

Fantastic triple swallow by Jenna Haze

As we have always said, it is no difficult to make a porno, but the difference lies in creating a product of high artistic level. This of course always depends on the actress and in the case of Jenna Haze her presence before the camera is the guarantee for high quality production. The cum swallow is the sublimation of the sexual act, the moment when a woman tasted to the full the pleasure of her partner that she has produced. Jenna is a great specialist and we present anew in this new video that we placed on the page dedicated to her. The scene is from a beautiful "blow bang", Jenna takes the cum in her mouth by three men and tasted all, one after another. The triple cum swallow is of incredible beauty, do not miss it. Click the link "Jenna Haze" that is on your right, under "Pages".


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