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Lucky Irish Girl

If Kathleen's name and red hair didn't give her away as Irish, her Lucky 4-leaf clover t-shirt would. She's a happy lass who loves everyone, especially the black bois who congregate a few blocks from her house.

While her parents moan about the neighborhood falling apart, Kathleen appreciates the diversity. That means she loves the niggers.

She loves watching the bois gamble, and she likes the way they all flirt with her. When they call her a slut, she actually gets a little turned on.

Kathleen knows her parents wouldn't want any bois touching her, let alone black bois, but she has a hard time saying no. Besides, isn't it flattering to get all this attention when you've barely started high school?

Whitebois act so nervous around her, but niggers always have a take-charge attitude. They treat her like a woman instead of a little girl. She noticed that when they start grabbing her, they get real serious all of a sudden.
Some of the Negro bois really like her milky white skin, and others talk about how big her tits are for her age. She said just about all of the bois get really hard when they're feeling her up, but she sees that as a compliment. She got scared the first time they choked her, but then Tre told her "that makes you a good bitch" and she felt better.

The niggers treat her rough, but she likes their big black cocks so much that she's more than willing to deal with it. Besides, all her friends talk about sex and how wild and rough it can be. She just feels really lucky that so many guys want her at one time.

The first time she got mounted from behind, it really hurt and she screamed. But one of the niggers told her to "shut the fuck up" and shoved his big black cock in her mouth. Then she couldn't scream. After awhile, the bbc in her pussy started feeling really good.

Kathleen got really excited when her favorite nigger said he was going to fuck her. She thought he looked sexy with the baseball cap on backwards, plus she loved his big thick lips. When she asked him if he was going to put on a condom, he laughed at her. Before she could tell him what she learned in health class, he was already slamming his big black dick into her pussy. She thought it was so sexy when he told her "I should breed you like a fucking little whore, white girl."

Nothing could top the day she tasted her first black cum. There was so much to swallow, she had trouble, but when she looked at the faces of the nigger bois, she knew she'd better take it all. She told herself that if she could get her pusy filled up with black cum, she might as well swallow, too.

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