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Gag, Choke, And Slap

This is the kind of skank bitch who will not only do it all, she deserves to have it all done to her.

No one would see this slut as the kind of girl you take home to dinner. She's a fucking trash piece of ass, nothing better than a cumdump. That makes her perfect for NA -- NIGGER ABUSE.

Niggers like gagging her with their big black cocks until she gags and the mascara runs. They choke her until she has big nigger handprints around her neck, calling her a whore the whole time.

They pull her hair and tell her what a lowlife cumbucket she is. And, yeah, they slap her face to let her know who's boss. When they're done, a good hard backhand to the face that knocks her halfway across the room makes her feel wanted.

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