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Lips 'n' Tits

His big black lips will look and feel so good between those big beautiful tits.

Negroes Call The Shots

Put a whiteboi, a hot white girl, and three niggers in a room and this is what you get.

Whiteboi looks pretty fuckin happy about it, though.

Pull Up Your Pants

Like so many other white people, this couple has a problem with black guys who sag and show off their underwear. They act incensed that "these niggers walk around like that and show off their asses."

What's hilarious is that white people think niggers give a fuck about what they say. Saggin' is part of their style and culture, and besides, they carry it off. Who wants to see a flat-assed whiteboi sagging? Might as well be a black bubble ass in front of you walking down the street.

In any event, all complaints go away at some point. That's when the complaining white girl decides her pussy is wet and she wants some big black dick.

Prom 2012

She took a condom to the prom and put it in her purse.

He found the condom in her purse and threw it away.

Thattaboy, Lamont. Fuck her.

In Charge

If you're a racist whiteboi, or if you just don't care for black people, this thug on the right is pissing you off right now. Too fucking bad. You're lucky he doesn't kick your fucking ass. As it is, he doesn't have to steal your girlfriend away from you -- she leaves you willingly.

Why would she want you when she can have big black dick in all her holes?

His Chances Are Slim

The odds that this white girl is leaving with her lameass white boyfriend are slim to none. Not with these three fineass thug niggers around.

Fuck You, Whiteboi

These thug niggers will not only fuck your girlfriend, they'll treat you like the piece of shit whiteboi you are. They know your dick is tiny and can't satisfy your girl, and they'll fuck her in front of you until she never wants anything BUT more black cock.

Your girlfriend is a black cock whore now. Too bad for you, whiteboi. The niggers win again.

Fucking The Bouncers

Katie was lucky to be protected by these big black bouncers when she made her first visit to Da Club.

She had no idea that she'd get hit on as soon as she walked in the door, and that it'd be unlike anything she'd ever experienced. The black guys were not only graphic, but they were hands on -- unlike the whitebois she'd known.

So she'd get a "You got a fine ass, bitch" while a nigger would grab it. She'd get a "You know you want this big black dick, baby" while a nigger grabbed it. She got a little worried when one thug Negro said "I should fuck your slut pussy right here on the dance floor."

She went to the bouncers, who listened and told her about the way things rolled in Da Club. They kept an eye on Katie all night, and to thank them, Katie invited them over to her place after the club.

She never imagined that she'd be fucked by three different niggers on her first night out at Da Club.

New Statistics On Interracial

New stats are out from the Census Bureau on interracial relationships.

IR marriages -- now 10% of all married couples, about double from previous census.

IR non-married couples -- now almost 20% of all couples, double from previous census.

So, if you think you're seeing more mixed couples, you ARE.

And let's face it, this doesn't even account for the IR couples who didn't list their relationships on the census, or for the niggers who aren't in a relationship but just fuck all the white pussy they can. It doesn't account for all the black cock whores out there. Yeah, "interracial" means more than black & white, but the primary IR stat is a black & white couple.

Niggers are obviously taking over a lot sooner than anyone expected. That's great news for everyone of us except the losers who come here to bash niggers and white sluts who want them. These losers either have penis envy, or their wives, girlfriends, and daughters have left them for some bbc. They hate it, but they're here jacking off while they bitch about it. LOL

NIGGAS RULE, baby!!!

Not Usher

That big-dicked Negro on the right almost looks like Usher. Except that we all know Usher is too busy fucking Justin Bieber's boy ass.

Treating Her Rough?

Of course they are. Why not? She's a fucking whore who's cheating on her husband. If you invite two niggers into your home, don't expect to be treated like some innocent white princess. By the time whiteboi gets home, she'll have black seed in every hole, she'll be sore, and just a little bit bruised. She'll probably ask these bois to come back tomorrow.

A Perfect Fuck

Look at that body and ass on her. She can have any nigger she wants -- and she does. Beautiful white girls know that going black is the right thing to do.

Yeah, Sure

Like you're supposed to believe she's never seen a nigger dick before.

And that's her dad? If it were real, he'd be watching every move his daughter makes on that black motherfucker.

Bruhs Share

Black guys have no problem sharing the white girls they pick up, especially when they're fucking whores like this one. She hit the motherlode with this gang, and she'll go home looking used and abused, and she'll smell like nigger, too.

Lucky girl.

Coming Right Up

Another white high school girl who gets knocked up by a nigger.

Get "Em While They're Young

These young girls already know what they want, so why shouldn't this fine young buck get what he wants? If he can cum (and he can), they're ready to be fucked.

Who Knocked Her Up?

It's pretty clear, isn't it?

Her whiteboi husband is sticking by her, but it's not easy for him, especially when she falls to her knees as soon as her baby daddy enters the room. Whiteboi does admit that it's hot when he sees her bull's big black hand cover her swollen belly; he knows he cannot compete when he puts his big nigger lips on hers and gives her the tongue.

On The Record

Slut Janet Mason is on the record about how wet her pussy gets when she gets some Negro tongue down her throat, especially if it's a young nigger.

Jon Jon Gets With Your Daughter

A young buck scores again. Daddy will be horrified until his little dick gets hard watching her get fucked.

How Good Looking Niggers Roll

A good looking black guy is never without fine white pussy and has his choice from the blondest blonde to the darkest brunette. A white girl couldn't do better than this nigger, who'd make a hot white guy feel inferior. Admit it -- these white bitches are lucky as fuck.


Just imagine the look on her face when he gets all sweaty.

Just Show Up And Fuck

Jack Napier is one lucky motherfucker.

That man just shows up on a porn set in all his nigger glory and the white bitch of the day turns into a slut. The bbc is important, of course, but so is Jack's swag and his laid back nigger wardrobe. White pussy gets wet when Jack shows up in a knot cap looking like he's ready to rob a bank.

Those Dental Bills

All those dental bills were wroth it. Your daughter has beautiful teeth.

Tits Gone African

Just the way she likes it.

Let's Pretend It's Mardi Gras

That way we can act out and do whatever we want.

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