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The beauty of cumshots. New clips on the page "Artistic shots"

All the sublime beauty of a cumshot in two short clips. The style is very different, one is amateur and the other is shot with a real actress. This time, beyond the skill and sensuality of the female protagonist, we admire the very act itself, in its height and its thick erotic. The cumshot is the time when they materialize all the pleasures of sex, seen from the male point of view, and in the vast majority of cases testifies to the end of sexual intercourse. Two clips really artistics. Also in the "Artistic shots" we wanted to pay tribute to an actor who has been called "the new Peter North" with a cumpilation. He is Preston Parker, performer and director of Bang Productions. The cumshot compilation is taken from "Bang Bus", a series of videos shot with amateur and newcomers actresses . Enjoy our new videos on the page "Artistic shots", by clicking the appropriate link to the right of our home page, always on the list of pages

High School Girls

They love attention, don't they?

All Jawon and Tiki had to do was smile at them when they saw the girls at the mall. Then Jawon told the blond girl "U a fine bitch" and that's all it took for an invite to her house. These girls want exactly what they're gonna get. Isn't it ridiculous to blame niggers for hitting on young white girls?

Marriage Can Be Fun

Especially when you let a nigger control both of you.

Big Ben not only gets to fuck this horny white MILF any time he wants, he gets her rich hubby to clean her up. As long as the faggot's payinbg him, he doesn't mind if that white piece of shit buries his face in his black ass.

Before Black

Before discovering the joy of big black dick, Cheri never dressed like this. She wore no tight clothes that showed off her hot body and her phat booty. She always wore underwear and never a thong. She never wore makeup.

All that's changed now.  And look at how fucking happy she is.

Oh, How They Love It

Niggers love fucking pregnant white girls, and more and more white girls are fucking blacks during their entire pregnancy.

How great it will be to show her kid the photos and video of mommy with this gang of big-dicked niggers who fucked her, slammed her cocksucking throat, and treated her like the skank black cock whore that she is.

Ready To Feed The Baby

The fact is that many white girls just hear names like these and get wet.

Drunk Slut

Alcohol lowers resistance. It makes you do things you don't want to do and things you DO want to do.

She drank on her own -- nobody forced a drink down her throat. So why shouldn't this nigger fuck her? Why shouldn't he slam her pussy when she's so clearly offering it to him? Security cams won't record this as a rape, that's for sure.

The slut watched him dance while he got all hot and sweaty, she started playing with her clit, she slid her panties off, started playing with herself, then spread her legs. This fine black bull didn't have to do anything but grind and sweat in front of her. When a white bitch offers a nigger her pussy like this, he won't say no.

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Is He Black Enough?

Her husband cheated on her, and she wanted to get back at him in the worst way possible -- which became the best way possible when she met Marcus. Any black guy would've pissed her husband off, but a deep dark nigger like Marcus would do it in spades.

As soon as he touched her, she knew she made the right choice.

Madison Parker, queen of dp. New videos on her page

I think that double penetration is one of the moments most intense and artistics of porn movies. There are many stars who have this superb number in their repertoire and for Madison Parker this is a strong point. I saw many scenes of threesomes of the talented hungarian artist and whenever I happened to taste her, I always looked forward to the time of double penetration. Madison is perfect, seems born for this. Another point in favor of this talented actress is her genuine love for sex. That has been said and stressed all, actors and directors, who have had the good fortune to work with her on the set. Enjoy the new videos of Madison Parker, click the link with her name that is on the right of our home page, in the list of pages. Have fun!

Welcome back Kiki! New clips on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2"

I was sorry in 2006, remember, when Kiki Daire had announced her retirement from the hardcore scene. The motivation was based on the upcoming wedding, but the artist of Memphis actually has never married. Her was a long sabbatical, where she lived in New Orleans and also trained at the University. There was talk of a return to porn in 2008, but even then Kiki decided to take more time. To my delight, she returned to her profession as an actress last year (in the meantime, she has also reduced her breast implants). She was one of my favorite artists in the late 90s and early twenty-first century. Diva of great depth, from the mischievous look and tremendous erotic charge, known in the industry for her wonderful big boobs. She is also a great specialist of analsex, but numbers like deepthroat, double penetration and cum swallow are certainly part of her extraordinary artistic baggage. Honestly, I had already posted a clip of Kiki in the "Historical cumshot", but it is now time to present her again, this time in the "Pornstars cumshots mix 2", with three video clips. Enjoy the performances by Kiki clicking the link "Pornstars cumshots mix 2" which is as always to the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Marilyn Chambers, Nikki Charm and Sunset Thomas in "Historical cumshots"

Three decades of hardcore films made ​​in the USA through the performances of three very big female artists. Start with Marilyn Chambers, exploded in 1972 with the erotic masterpiece of Jim and Artie Mitchell, "Behind the Green Door". Marilyn unfortunately died in unclear circumstances in 2009 at her home in Santa Clarita, California (the autopsy spoke of cerebral hemorrhage due to a heart attack). Remain of her a lot of films, which are a treat for collectors: for my part I keep a couple of her VHS jealously, it is part of the "Golden Age" of porn classic, including the beautiful "Insatiable" (1980). Spectacular actress who claimed in the mid-80s was undoubtedly the beautiful Nikki Charm (1st picture), appeared in over one hundred videos between 1984 and 1990. Her life was turbulent, with between a bad history that led to trouble with the law in 2002. Nikki was in fact arrested on charges of burglary and sentenced to five years in prison. 
She returned in hardcore industry early last year, working as a production manager and also shooting, to the delight of her fans, a hardcore scene with Tom Byron (2nd picture). We move in the '90s with the divine Sunset Thomas, artist with wonderful body and interpreter of true erotic masterpieces such as the beautiful "Sex" (1995) by Michael Ninn. Sunset by the way is aunt of Sunrise Adams, and it was she who persuaded her niece to take her career in hardcore. The clips on these three artists can be found in the "Historical cumshots", to see them then click the appropriate link that is located to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages. 

Sasha Grey, a real superstar of porn. New clips on her page

Are the great talents that create splendor and prosperity to an industry, whatever it is. You can invest economically in the fields of art, science or sport, but if there is no superstar, everything becomes an end in itself and does not transmit anything outside. This, we dare to define a law of nature, is also valid in the hardcore cinema and the adult industry in recent years in the United States and around the world would never be the same without Sasha Grey. The californian artist is a really unique, her unconventionality, her passion for literature and poetry, for a certain kind of auteur cinema (we know her love for italian cinema and for the late Pier Paolo Pasolini ), are a part of her charming personality. The rest we have admired in her works, in her fantastic scenes that showed very few erotic limits. We believe that working with an actress like Sasha to any director of the sector has been a godsend, because she could experiment with any type of alternative erotic. In addition to her sexual versatility the uninhibited Sasha joined the also excellent acting skills, not for nothing now decided to pursue a new career in mainstream cinema. And for those who, like us, consider a "cumshot scenes" as the sublimation of erotic act, having admired the performances of Sasha was really a great fortune. Continue therefore to admire her with us, in the new video that we included on her page. Click the link "Sasha Grey" found by scrolling to the right hand side a list of pages

Online my personal "Porn Memories"

Watching and collecting porn film is a passion that I grow for over twenty years. The first porn movie I saw in a red-ligh cinema in my town when I was a teenager in the second half of the '80s. Around the same time I began collecting the first video in VHS, I watched them at night at low volume in my room where I had a small TV and VCR. I kept them in a closed bag in the closet, hidden from my parents. I decided to share my memories with other fans of porn and I think that the most mature, the forties today, will find nice this new link list which is now online at our blog. It's called "Porn Memories" and lists video in full version, most of the '80s and '90s that found in other free porn sites. Each of these videos is related my own memory. 

The first video is a scene starring the wonderful Taija Rae and the movie is "Desperate Women" of 1985: it is the first ever porn film I've seen in my life, in a red-ligh cinema, when I was only 15 years. 

To find the second video I have done thorough research on the Internet because the full and original version is really of good collectors. The film is of 1983, is called "Erotic Fantasy and Abnormal Loves in Santorini," a greek production at that time was quite successful, in fact, there are also english, german, french and italian version. The protagonist is the greek actress Katerina Spathi. I saw it in the usual cinema, in 1988, and was the first time that I masturbated while watching a porn movie. 

The third scene is taken from "Paradise Hotel", a 1989 film. It’s was my first VHS: the protagonist of the scene which I linked is the beautiful Rachel Ryan. 

With the fourth scene we are in the 90s, the film is "Les Captives", an Italian-French production, and the protagonist is Draghixa. It is the sequence in which I literally fell in love with this artist and in a single day I saw it five times and each time I jizzed when I saw. With the fifth and final scene of today, let's jump forward a few years, is a huge orgy from a true masterpiece, "Wicked Weapon" of 1998, and was the first time in my life that I did sex watching hardcore movie. The cast is stellar in this scene: Jenna Jameson, Laure Sainclair, Nici Sterling and Sindee Coxx, but among men there is the great Peter North. 

To Be Destroyed

If this photo doesn't get your dick hard or make your pussy wet, you ain't alive.

She's one sexy, built, horny white slut who takes off her clothes at the first sight of black. He's a fine-looking nigger who knows he can soak her pussy even before he takes his own clothes off. Just put his big black hands on her ass, kiss her deeply with those full nigger lips and tongue, and let the bitch grind.

Dark 'N Light

That plump white pussy was crying out for some hot black seed, and this nigger definitely filled her up. His deep black dick should make a pretty nigger baby that some whiteboi can raise.

Makin' It Known

It's clear when a white girl wants some big black dick long before you notice her ankle bracelet, but I have nigger friends who tell me they love seeing them. They think the anklet makes her seem like even more of a fucking whore.

Ain't That The Truth

Five natural "boobstars" on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2"

Usually we call "boobstars" all those artists who have in hardcore videos the strength of their erotic performance in the wonderful abundance of their boobs. It's a term that should be used properly for actresses with big natural tits but is also used to define those that have used silicone to increase their "measures". On the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2" today we offer five divas "natural", starting from the fantastic Gianna Michales (in the past we have also published a cumshot compilation of Gianna that you can find at the page "Pornstars cumshots mix") and Carmella Bing (pictured), continuing with exceptional performances of Trina Michaels and Brandy Talore and concluding with a flourish, after four american artists, with the wild brazilian actress Babalu. 

He Said....She Said

Jodi asked Darius if he liked her. He told her he did.

She asked him for a kiss. He told her he  wanted more.

Jodi asked Darius to use a condom. He said he didn't have any.

She said he'd have to be careful. He said she shouldn't worry.

Jodi asked Darius to pull out before he came. He said of course he would.

Her dripping, loaded pussy tells you she didn't get her way.

Black Cock Sluts

The engagement ring is from the white asshole she's married to.

This nigger didn't have to buy her anything. She bought the heels and stockings with her husband's American Express.

Black Booty Power

Just Look

Look at her. Do you blame Jamal for wanting to get all up in her? And look at him. Is there any doubt that he's superior to your lame whiteboi ass? Your little dick is rock hard because you WANT him to get her, you WANT him to fuck her.

You'd clean up her cum-drenched pussy, too.

She Doesn't

Who needs long, extended foreplay when there's a nigger around?

Enjoy with our new clips on the page of Black Angelika

In sex scenes 1to1, in a threesome or groupsex scenes but also in sequences lesbian. The quality of Black Angelika are many, is one of those artists who can do everything and can do very well. We wish this wonderful romanian actress still a lot of years of dazzling career. Personally I have a passion for her, is one of those divas who catches my attention from first to last second of her scenes. We have published several clips of Black Angelika and we still have a lot of material to show you. Besides, we respond to a request of our users, because from the statistics page we see daily that her page has become one of the most widely read. A fan of our blog that writes from the United Kingdom has asked to see a clip from a video in which the protagonists are Black Angelika and her compatriot Crystal Crown. I realized I did not have that video at this point I have to find absolutely the HD version. However we found it on the Internet and posted it along with another roundup of stunning sequences that sees protagonist the romanian superstar. The video shot with Crystal Crown is indeed a wonderful scene of groupsex. Remarkable the anal performances of the two actresses and in addition the final facials are of the highest level. This video remember us another scene with Angelika and another romanian actress, the sensual Amanda Black. We therefore added also this clips to the page. But these are just two of our six new videos in which the protagonist is Black Angelika and now we have included in our blog. So click the link in the list of pages, one that bears the name of the actress on the right side of our home page. Enjoy the show!

Fight Raven! Do not give up!

Amateur girls facialized by male strippers. New clips on the page "Public cumshots"

Sometimes some amateur clips can be more exciting than those made by professional artists. The eroticism in these cases comes from improvisation, and often with surprising naturalness of these girls who probably will never do porn, but in the circumstances of these videos they perform more than admirably. Is the case of "Dancing Bear", a series of amateur videos in which there are several around the net and in some cases we have also posted in our blog. The plot of these videos is very simple: in the series "Dancing Bear" the protagonists are some professional male strippers, called to attract women-only evenings, in some cases in bachelorette parties. These stripper allow themselves to the public, and the girls can touch, masturbate and have oral sex with their. The girls in this videos are not professionals but in fact, in some cases, their transgressive performances in front of a camera has nothing to envy to that of a pornstar. Also in the clubs of male strippers the female customers can do private shows and in these cases the girl, paying a bit more, can also obtain full sexual intercourse. On the "Public cumshots" we have included a series of facials from "Dancing Bear", to see our new video we just click on the link "Public cumshots" found in the list of pages, on the right of the homepage

Tori Black is the prototype of modern pornstar. New clips on her page

Recently on a forum dedicated to porn, one of many scattered around the Net, I read a debate among some devotees of adult films. Among the different opinions, one of them said literally that “porn is now definitely dead”. We are all tied to our own opinions and beliefs: I personally am fond of in an almost romantic in all of those artists that I admired in the 90s, when I started watching with real interest hardcore movies. But now, there are more than twenty years that I follow the porn and I know its styles and facets. I've become more critical and opposed to what they argued in that forum, I think in terms of quality over the last ten years the adult cinema has made ​​great strides. This is due largely on the talents that have come out in recent years. The interaction of the actress with the audience is larger and in a post we published a few weeks ago, we mentioned Tori Black as one of the most talented performers in this regard. The star of Seattle never stops in its scenes to keep the camera, and therefore those who are viewers of the video, as a reference point. We are in the era of virtual sex, the Internet is full of camgirl sites, and porn has adapted to this trend. More than any other film genre, the adult genre keeps pace with the times and is the interpreter of changes in tastes and fashions. Tori Black is without doubt one of the prototypes of the modern pornstar. That said, enjoy the new video that we put on her page. Click the link "Tori Black" which is on the right of our home page, in the list of pages.

Daughter Debi

If you think you can keep your daughter away from niggers, this pic should relieve you of that notion.

You're the racist, not Debi. Debi appreciates everyone for what they got, and for what they can give. Debi appreciates this black bull for his deep dark skin. And oh, yeah, for his big thick nigger dick.

Debi loves gettin' her pussy wrecked.

Special Treat

It's always a special treat to watch a beautiful and sexy white girl get fucked by an ugly nigger.

Face it, this black motherfucker never won a good looks contest, yet he gets the hot white chicks even before they see his huge black cock. The white pussy gets all wet for him.


Black, strong, and powerful. Knowing they got what white women need. Knowing they can take it any time they want, and FUCK the whiteboi who got a problem with it. That whiteboi can clean her up if he wants to play.

Jack Strikes Again

Even when Jack Napier goes to the mall, he's always shopping for a slut. A nigger like Jack never has to work too hard. At the doghouse? She's gonna find her pussy filled with a big black hotdog.

She Knows What's Good

With that pussy, she won't have a hard time finding a nigger to fill it. Won't be long before she's begging for a black baby.

Cumshot Carnival. Little trip to the brazilian porn on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2"

It's Carnival time and for celebrate it, between a party and the other, we decided to offer you a journey through a country that is considered the homeland of the Carnival, but it is also a land of extraordinary artists in the adult industry. In our blog we have already offered several videos of Monica Mattos (pictured), the queen of porn made in Brazil, the only brazilian hardcore actress to have really conquered the United States (she was Female Foreign Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards in 2008). Other stars who we've shown are Priscilla Sol, who a few years ago, before retiring, was become one of the leading actresses of french porn film, Mona Liza and Mayara Rodrigues. This latter has worked in american and european productions and is also famous for trying to break in Warsaw in 2002 the Gangbang World Record (she was second, the polish actress Klaudia Figura won the competition). The number of artists of the highest level in Brazil is still so high that it would take another blog to do see all. We tried, in recent days by reviewing some video taken from two beautiful productions "all sex" of Brazil, "Anal Total" and "Brasileirinhas", to choose for you some artists.

We begin our journey from the beautiful Nikki Rio (pictured), the gazelle of the brazilian hardcore movies, blonde, sexy, long legs and hard ass. Another blonde with extraordinary performance is instead Fernandinha Fernandez, also a specialist of analsex like all her compatriots. Hot like the fire of hell is rather Patricia Kimberly, actress of extreme performances with an erotic charge extraordinarily wild. For lovers of the great forms could not be lacking Suzana Rios and Talita Brandao, from warm and buttery bodies. Then, there are three artists which I love so much: Marcelinha Morais, we present a video with Nacho Vidal, has surely one of the nicest asses of international porn cinema. Anal breathtaking performances are those of July Paiva, in my opinion one of the greatest talents ever hardcore industry in Brazil, but I also really like the charm and sensuality of Fernanda Franklin, another fantastic brunette that fill me in real drives sex during her scenes. Our trip only could end with the queen. The icing on the cake is in fact a cumshot compilation that we have personally fitted, starring of superb cumshot scenes is the divine Monica Mattos. To enjoy our "Cumshot Carnival" you just have to click on the link "Pornstars cumshots mix 2" which is in the list of pages, on the right of our home page.

PS. In some mail that we have received, some of our fans have requested the animalsex video of Monica Mattos, where the brazilian actress performs in a blowjob scene with a horse. In our blog we do not publish videos of genre animal but if someone wants to have this video can do so by writing to We'll send you this video by e-mail

Four meteors of incredible talent on the page "Historical cumshot"

We have already presented some porn meteors. For one reason or another, these are artists who have retired after some years of adult film career despite an incredibly and recognized talented. The most emblematic case in my opinion is to Joaly (which we have already presented in the "Historical cumshots") who played only two films really unleashing an erotic charge out of the ordinary, yet it disappeared from the movie theater without a trace. Today we present four other actresses whose parable in the industry was very short but intense no doubt, given that these are four artists of proved talent. We begin with Madalina Ray which can be considered almost the first of a remarkable generation of romanian actresses. Great specialist in scenes of analsex and double penetration, she has filmed some wonderful movies between 1999 and 2000. Three years of activity (2001-2004) instead for Patricia Diamond, one of the many hardcore stars came from Hungary. I was deeply affected by this actress in a breathtaking gangbang with four men, culminating in a magnificent series of facials and in our page "Historical cumshots" we offer just a clip from that scene. The third artist in our roundup of today is the brazilian Priscilla Sol (pictured), one of the most talented artists - with Monica Mattos and Mayara Rodrigues - in the last decade from the country of Samba. She had signed an exclusive contract in France with the production house of Marc Dorcel, and before retiring from the stage, which occurred in 2006 (she had started in 2004) has had time to win a Venus Award for Best New Starlet, and also had two nominations at the AVN Awards for Female Foreign Performer of the Year and for the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production. But the meteors also exist in the american porn movies and we think that Gabriella Fox can be considered truly a wonderful meteor. The californian actress had started out beautifully in 2008, working for Digital Playground, but then decided to move away from the porn to remain in adult industry but working in “soft” production. An unforgettable scene, including those intrepretate by Gabriella, is that wonderful orgy in the movie "Pirates II - Stagnetti's Revenge". Can not count the times I've seen and reviewed Gabriella Fox, Shyla Stylez and Stoya in this sequence, where there were also Abbey Brooks and Veronica Rayne in the background, protagonists of a hot lesbian. But also remember Gabriella’s threesome in "Nurses", also by Digital Playground, along with Shawna Lenee. To see our new video clips you have to click on "Historical cumshots", the link is on the list of pages to the right of our home page.

Angel Dark never fails to excite us. New clips on her page

In Europe, after the opening of borders due to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the porn film has benefited from the arrival of so many exceptional artists from the East. Angel Dark is certainly one of the most talented and complete dive from Eastern Europe of all times, is active in the industry from ten years and has given us memorable performances, working with the best productions from around the world. Take possession of her entire filmography is practically impossible and the same goes for other actresses because the number of hardcore productions each year is very huge. In my personal collection I have over a hundred scenes, including full-length movies and single videos, starring the beautiful slovak star and well worth sharing with you, although I think the true lovers of porn have seen them almost all the movies of Angel Dark . Here are some other clips of the superb Angel, also these truly fantastic. Meanwhile, there are three “threesome” who see on the side of Angel, in the order, other exceptional artists like Tyra Misoux, Mya Diamond and Simone Peach, this latter in a beautiful interracial scene with Lex Steele. And speaking of the famous african-american actor and director, in the last clip that we have posted today, he is the protagonist along with Angel Dark in a scene which he directed and performed in POV. Honestly, this scene is very nice though technically crude, also because the camera fails to capture the moment of the cumshot. But Angel's contribution to this scene really makes it a little masterpiece and is a clear example of how in hardcore cinema are the actresses to have full control of the situation and the artistic quality of the scene depends on their skill. Several feminists condemn porn, considering it an exploitation of the female body. Maybe they never manage to grasp its essence because the porn, in contrast, is the triumph of female eroticism and the woman is never "object" of a scene but always "subject" dominant. To see the new videos of Angel Dark click on the link located to the right of our home page, one that bears the name of the actress, in the list of pages.

No Need

No need to be jealous of your girlfriend. That nigger will fuck you, too.

Cum on clothes. New clips on the page "Artistic shots"

Cum on stockings, panties, gloves or clothing in general, is a treat for all lovers of fetish and it's a passion that we share. All great artists have filmed fetish scenes of spectacular beauty. Personally I do not have a particular fetish, but as always I appreciate the erotic subtleties of many filmmakers. I find it a masterpiece, for example, the series "Panty pops" by Kevin Moore to which we dedicated a post to our blog dedicated to Aletta Ocean (you can see it clicking the following link, Among the other films of genre, one that I really like is "Legs Up Hose Down", written, directed and starring by Jenna Haze with a fantastic cast (besides the californian diva there are Lexi Belle, Tori Black, Lily Labeau , Faye Reagan, Zoe Voss, Mary Luv and April O'Neil), a work that can not be completely defined fetish, but with fetish very strong colors that distinguish it in its sequences. Anyway see socks, panties or any other article of clothing smeared with cum I find it very exciting and that's why today, in the "Artistic shots" I wanted to gather some clips to theme. Among the new videos that we posted one in particular is already part of our blog and it is on the page dedicated to Madison Parker. It’s the sequence from "CFNM teens", a foursome that has as interpreters the aforementioned Madison and Kayla Carrera. Was it worthwhile to publish it again because this is also a small masterpiece. Click the link "Artistic shots" to the right of our homepage, you can find it by scrolling the pages

The Entire Family

Does any family deserve the Nigger Lover label more than the Kardashians? From the mother on down, they're fucking WHORES for big black dick.

Daddy, Here's A Picture For You!

Deep 'N Dark

First time she saw him, all she could think about was how black his big nigger dick is. She wasn't disappointed.

New videoclips in "First Cumshots". Online some castings with Madison Parker, Mona Liza, Susan Abril and Stephanie Kane

We really love this page. The charm of our "First Cumshots" born from the desire to know the first steps in the hardcore world of some of the most talented and popular artists of today, but also to look critically and objectively the performances of other auditions where perhaps the protagonist has never become a star. This can happen due to lack of luck or right opportunities, because for the aspiring actresses in this industry the competition is very fierce, but it can also happen because lack talent. Having sex in front of a camera is not difficult, but the most complicated thing is to interact with the audience that will watch the video, because the actress in question is having sex not only with scene partners but still, virtually even with the spectators who attend her performances. One area we're pleasantly dedicating to "porn rookies" into the fray, those who in some wonderful initiatives have had the pleasure of playing a scene with a film artist for adults. Some of these "actors for a day" have also made very good performances. We continue on this road then and today we offer a range of beautiful castings. We start from South America, with the audition of the brazilian actress Mona Liza, and then other castings carried out in Colombia and Venezuela. We move to the United States, for an audition starring Stephanie Kane. Finally in Europe, starting with a romanian casting of contours rather amateur but aspiring actress has the talent, and then a masterpiece by the spanish artist Susan Abril making an audition for a gangbang taking a series of wonderful facials. Last but not least, is the first threesome of the amazing career of Madison Parker (pictured). The hungarian artist has a talent and if we consider that in that video she was only 18 years old and had her first steps into the world of porn, we can only guess from what are her incredible potential. All things that Madison has confirmed during her artistic career. To see our beautiful new video click the link "First Cumshot" that you find on your right as always, in the list of pages.

Love At First Sight

Mary Alice met Tre at the club, and the attraction was immediate.

She liked his shaved head and his big, full lips. When she moved closer to him, she liked the way he smelled and the heat she felt coming from his big black body. She liked feeling his big black hand on her ass. She liked feeling his big bulging black dick against her.

Mary Alice never dated a nigger before, but now she and Tre are inseparable.

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