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Boobstars in action. New clips in "Artistic shots"

The tits cumshots are a true work of art. It is no secret that tits are the focus of many men erotic fantasies and a nice pair of big boobs smeared with hot cum is a wonderful vision. For this, the new "Artistic shots" that we have included are all themed, all dedicated to a series of hot cumshots on tits. And the new clips we have posted, as well as a delicious amateur video, see as protagonists three beautiful "boobstars" as the americans Riley Evans and Claire Dames and the czech artist Anastasia Christ. To see our "cum on boobs" click on the link "Aristic shots" to the right of our home page in the list of pages

New clip and video tribute on the page of Sofia Gucci

A fan of Sofia Gucci has written to our e-mail to ask why it is a long time that we do not publish videos of the italian-romanian artist. Surely we have not forgotten her, but we also understand that Sofia is linked to an italian production company with an exclusive contract and alternates her performances in films than live shows on the clubs of the adult industry throughout Italy. During 2011 the beautiful Sofia has made ​​three films and from two of these works, "Sofia vs. Fernando" and "Fleshy Divas", we put the clips on the page dedicated to her. Her latest film is "Anal Philosofy 7", produced naturally by the ATV, a realization "All sex" genuinely very nice for those who love analsex. Apart from these, there are not other new videos. Sofia is also currently doing some auditions for aspiring actors, to choose the partner of her next film, an initiative very pretty in some ways reminiscent of that very famous by Eva Henger, few years ago. We hope that the ATV also carries out a video of these casting. As for our blog, we want to satisfy our supporter great fan of Sofia Gucci, and we publish a clip for the last movie of italian porn queen. Then, a video tribute that I have personally created, a mix of some of her most beautiful scenes. To see our new videos click the link "Sofia Gucci" located to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages.

Ass Appreciation

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Indigo Black

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Fish Nets & Niggers

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Angel Dark, mistress of the scene. New clips on her page

A few days ago, on the page "First cumshots", we published one of the first casting of Angel Dark. The talent is innate, but the skills are refined and amplified with the experience and from this point of view porn is no different than other artistic genres. So smile, if we compare that performance of Angel with the newer ones that have made ​​her one of the most talented and popular divas of international hardcore. As said Bobbi Starr, porn is an area where is the woman to have absolute control of the situation and in this Angel Dark is now a true teacher. As in the new videos that we put on her page. To see them you just click the link "Angel Dark" that found in the list of pages on the right side of our home page

Daughter's New Boyfriend

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Nigger Lover Katie Kox

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Dumbass Whitebois

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Why Bitches Should Behave

Bobbi Starr and Asa Akira in "Pornstars cumshots mix 2"

In 2011 they were the great queens of porn made ​​in the USA. The sentence was pronounced in the AVN Awards last weekend, because if Bobbi Starr won the scepter of "Female Performer of the Year", Asa Akira (pictured) after her triumph at the Xbiz Awards has taken home seven of the most prestigious AVN Awards. 
Bobbi Starr is not only a wonderful artist but also an extraordinary woman. She graduated from San Jose State University with a music degree and plays the piano and oboe. She really loves her job and considers herself a "pro-sex feminist." Even though she acknowledges Feminists That some pornography to be degrading to Consider women, Bobbi Starr asserts: "I do not feel degraded because it is my decision. I know that if I did ever feel degraded or feel uncomfortable, all I need to do is It would say no and stop. I do not think something where women have so much control in the situation can be considered towards degrading women". 
On Asa Akira has been said so many things, her exotic charm due to the japanese origins, her overflowing erotic charge; she is another actress who truly loves the art that see her protagonist. We advise you to really see if you have not already done so, the film that allowed her to win so many awards that we have listed above: "Asa Akira Is Insatiable 2" is a masterpiece. To Bobbi and Asa we have dedicated two fantastic cumshots compilation (that of Asa is divided into two chapters) that we placed on the page "Pornstars cumshots mix 2". Then click the appropriate link that found to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages.

Jenna Haze is artist of hall of fame! New clips on her page

A friend who writes from Milan, in Italy, we asked which artist still active today can be inserted in the porn hall of fame of all time. The answer is not easy, partly because each star is the daughter of her time and every time has had its way of thinking about adult film. But we have no doubt that Jenna Haze is part of a possible hall of fame, if you love porn you love Jenna. I recently saw some films that see the californian artist in the double role of actress and directress and I became aware of how Jenna lives her relationship with eroticsm: she is immense and fantastic is her stage presence and her fantasy. We have carefully chosen the new clips that we put on her page. To your right, in the list of pages, you can find the link "Jenna Haze". Do not waste any more time and click this link!

Shane And His Cuckboi

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How To Hold On To Your Wife

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Bitch, Know Thyself

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Walkin' Da Beach

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Before Or After?

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Who's In Danger?

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Tribute to Anna Malle in "Historical Cumshots"

On January 25, six years ago Anna Malle dies in a car accident near Las Vegas. The american actress was yet to take 39 years, had left the year before the hardcore scenes, ending a fantastic career that was imposed on all of porn fans as one of the most acclaimed and beloved artists. The first time I saw her in an erotic scene was the late '90s, the film was "Decadence", a true masterpiece directed by Michael Ninn. I do not know how many times I saw her, I was struck by Anna's extreme sex drive and her passion for her art through clearly from the camera. Seven years after her retirement and six years after her tragic death, Anna Malle continues to be followed by her fans that like me have seen and reviewed her scenes hundreds of times. We also noted from the readings of one of our old post, when in "Historical Cumshots" we have included one of her great cumshots compilation that has since been seen by fans that follow our blog every day thousands of times. We therefore decided to devote the proper tribute to remember Anna in the anniversary of her death, which falls today. Also on the page "Historical Cumshots" we have included three videos in full version. The first is from "Wild Widow" in 1995. Then the scene from "Decadence", to which we have mentioned. Finally her unforgettable gangbang, from "Airt Tight 3" of 1998. To see Anna Malle once again in all her beauty click the link "Historical Cumshots" to the right of our homepage along with everyone else on the list of pages

Trusting Your Daughter

You and your wife are going away for the weekend to celebrate a wedding, but they're leaving their daughter at home to care for the family pets. They trust her implicitly to walk and feed their 3 dogs, and they know she won't go anywhere.

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Gettin' Her Game On

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They Just Wanna Make Love

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Online in "First Cumshots" the castings of Angel Dark, Jessie Andrews, Tyra Banxxx and Alexis Amore

Our new page, "First Cumshots", has raised a really big success. We saw it by the visits received but also by e-mail that you have written. Let's say that is not an easy job but we will try to accommodate your requests. There has been requested such as the debut in front of a camera for Angel Dark, that we have in our archives in VHS format and is not easy remastered it, but luckily it's also available online. The "first" absolute by the great slovakian artist is one of the new videos that we have added. Then, we wanted to give us even a fantastic view of the star of the moment, Jessie Andrews, first consecrated by Xbiz Awards and then, last Saturday, by AVN Awards. The clip is taken from her audition in 2010, when she had just turned 18 years. The other two castings that we have included see as protagonists the excellent african-american diva Tyra Banxxx and the hot peruvian pornstar Alexis Amore. Just click the link "First Cumshots", on the right of our home page, of course in the list of pages

Aletta Ocean has not won the AVN Awards but remains the Empress. New clips on her page

In the predictions of the vigil was among the favorites for the award of Female Foreign Performer of the Year at 2012 AVN Awards. The night of Las Vegas has awarded her compatriot and great friend Aleska Diamond. The year 2011 was an exceptional year, however, for Aletta Ocean, whose star continues to shine. She remains the most beloved by fans of porn and we also see it in our blog, because between the pages that we have devoted to individual artists is clearly the most clicked. We therefore decided to offer more videos covering the hungarian superstar: cumshots for everyone, from internal to facial, from a rich shot of sperm on her fantastic tits to a magnificent splashed on her asshole. You can find the page of Aletta Ocean on your right, click the link that bears her name in the list of pages. And, as always, you can also visit the blog that have devoted to her clicking the following link,

Sweet White Pussy

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The Rock Has Competition

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She'll Be Ruined

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2012 AVN Awards: all the winners and special tribute on new page

Bobbi Starr and Aleska Diamond have brought home the most coveted prizes were respectively the "Female Performer of the Year" and "Female Foreign Performer of the Year" in Las Vegas night. But the AVN Awards 2012 were triumphant for other artists such as Jessie Andrews, Brooklyn Lee and Asa Akira. The prize won by Bobbi Starr is definitely deserved, the rest was predicted between the likely winners and this award recognizes the extraordinary career of the diva from Seattle. For the twenty-eight american actress of italian-hungarian origin is not the only prize: she has won other two AVN Awards, for the "Best POV Sex Scene" (along with Erik Everhard and Andy San Dimas) and for the best website of adult industry,
Widely between the predictions the victory of Aleska Diamond, preferred by the jury to her great friend Aletta Ocean. Is another hungarian artist to win the title of "Female Foreign Performer of the Year", and in nine editions (the prize was established in 2003) is the fifth time winning actress from the central european country, the traditional birthplace of porn in the Old Continent.
From the 2012 AVN Awards comes the great consecration for the young Jessie Andrews, "Best Actress" for her performance in "Portrait of a call girl." The floridian artist have just 19 years and for her, who had already won the award for Best Actress on Xbiz Awards last January 10, promises to be a long career full of satisfactions. "Portrait of a call girl", produced by Elegant Angel, was chosen as "2012 Best Feature", and also in this case, we agree with the jury because it is a really good movie.
Among the emerging actresses instead was the triumph of Brooklyn Lee. She is very young too, 22 years, american of clear latin origins, has won the award for "New Starlet" and also took home other four AVN Awards, for "Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene" (with Missy Martinez, Zoey Holloway and Diamond Foxxx), "Most Outrageous Sex Scene", "Best Oral Sex Scene" and "Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production". She was also among the performers of "Spider-Man XXX", awarded "Best Parody-Drama".
Was among the predictions of even before the award of the "MILF Performer of the Year" for India Summer, really a great satisfaction for the actress who at 35 y.o. retains all her beauty and her incredible erotic charge.
As expected, however, after the success of the Xbiz Awards, it was unlikely that the jury chose Asa Akira as a Performer of the Year but the artist from New York, even in the absence of the most prestigious, has been buying up prizes. For her are seven the 2012 AVN Awards, for "Best Double Penetration-Scene," "Best Group Sex Scene," "Best Solo Sex Scene", "Best Tease Performance", "Best Three-Way Sex Scene, Boy / Boy / Girl, "Best Anal Sex Scene ". The film that sees her absolute protagonist, "Asa Akira is insatiable 2", produced by Elegant Angel, also won the award for "Best All-Sex Release”.
As for the other awards: Jesse Jane was the "Best Supporting Actress" while the spanish boobstar Bridgette B. won the award for "Unsung Starlet of the Year". The "Best Three-Way Sex Scene, Girl / Girl / Boy" was the one played by Kristina Rose, Jada Stevens and Nacho Vidal and the "Best Boy / Girl Sex Scene” saw players Lexi Belle and Manuel Ferrara. Among the 1to1 lesbian scenes, new victory for Belladonna, this time with Dana DeArmond. Among men, Manuel Ferrara has been chosen as the Performer of the Year, while Xander Corvus is the Best New Actor. Among the stars, always men, two true "highlander" of porn: Rocco Siffredi was the "Male Foreign Performer of the Year" and the legendary Ron Jeremy (58 y.o.) has been awarded as "Crossover Star of the Year ". Among the "Trassexual Performers" award went to Bailey Jay. 

As mentioned in previous posts, in homage to the great protagonists of this beautiful edition of the AVN Awards we have opened a new page. It's called "SPECIAL - AVN AWARDS 2012: THE WINNERS”. We have added some video, in full version, starring Bobbi Starr, Aleska Diamond, Jessie Andrews, Brooklyn Lee and India Summer. Just click the link, SPECIAL - AVN AWARDS 2012: THE WINNERS, on the right of our homepage, in the list of pages.

Sunday Scorcher

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A Whore Who Pretends

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The rest of the pics make clear what a fucking whore she already is.

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