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Spermswap cumpilation, ending the year in the best way!


Very nice cumshot scene on webcam

What a nice video. Really congratulations to this young camgirl and her partner for this gem. All erotically perfect, the location with the mirror in the background that allow you to see the scene from another angle. She also is very good with her mouth and the cumshot is copious and dense. And she does cum swallow with extreme ease. Again congratulations, thank you Mike, the fan of our blog who sent us this clip and we remind you that you can always send us videos, writing to

We love Aletta Ocean. New clips on her page

Among the artists who have chosen as the "godmother" of our blog, Aletta Ocean is the most clicked. It was intended to be so, Aletta is now the most popular pornstar, a real media phenomenon that we understand in full. This is a very complete diva, who brings excitement and eroticism with a glance. If we add to this performance level, which is absolutely heavenly, we realize that it is impossible not to love her if you are a true fan of the porn film. For these reasons we have dedicated a blog to her. To enjoy the many gems of Aletta you just click the following link:
To see the new videos that we have instead inserted on her page in this blog, click on the link "Aletta Ocean", the first on your right under the "Pages".

To enjoy all the new videos on the page of Sasha Grey

Personally, I think I've seen almost every film and video with Sasha Grey. The level of performance makes her on the Olympus of the biggest adult stars of all time. The appearance is of eternal teenager (still young though) and her body has nothing in common with the porn star view of collective imagination, and this fuels even more erotic fantasies of men. We have not yet accustomed to the idea that she has decided to leave the porn and still prefer to see Sasha in her heyday, as in the new video that we put on her page. All to be enjoyed! Click the link "Sasha Grey" which is like the others on your right, in the list of pages

Short trip "shot by shot" in the italian porn today. Click the page "Pornstars Cumshots Mix"

The Italian porn gave us unforgettable moments of erotic art. Just think of the fantastic Moana Pozzi in the 80s or later the superb Selen, starring in some masterpieces signed by the genius of Mario Salieri in the 90s. Today we think that the queen of hardcore productions made ​​in Italy is essentially Sofia Gucci, to which we have dedicated a page on our blog. But in addition to the romanian-born star, there are many other artists of great talent which we have decided to dedicate a few clips on the page "Pornstars Cumshots Mix” (earlier in this same page we published a cumshot cumpilation of another great italian artist of today like Elena Grimaldi). Among these we chose two stars well-loved by fans of porn in Italy, as Rossella Capua and Angela Gritti. Then again, Alice Ricci, whom we see performing in a magnificent dp with beautiful final double facial, and Asia Morante (1st pictured), another artist with a highly charged erotic. Curious her story, she was a porn fan that became an actress after writing to Franco Trentalance. Then we have a treat for all fans of the genre "pregnant", turned from the beautiful Blondie. 
Our small but intense journey continues with an extraordinary artist, perhaps the most talented expressed by the italian hardcore film industry in recent years. Gloria Domini (2nd pictured) combines excellent quality of drama in those exceptional performer, a star that seemed destined to shine high but has mysteriously disappeared this year, during which no longer made ​​movies. Hopefully she comes back soon but meanwhile let's enjoy her "sperm party”. Finally, special mention deserves the last clip features two beautiful young girls, in a porn film after having acquired fame throughout Italy in the genre virtual: they are in fact two very talented camgirls who worked with the nicknames "Monella20" and "Dolcesara". They shot only one video which we propose of course the beautiful cumshot topped by a perfect spermswap. A real shame that they have not pursued a career in porn. If you want to make with us this journey "shot by shot", click the link "Pornstars Cumshots mix" that you find on your right, under the "Pages"

New little big masterpieces in the page of Madison Parker

There are women born to feed the sexual fantasies of men and step into the adult film is very short for these true artists of eroticism. Madison Parker is definitely one of these women and her talent was immediately evident right from her early work. This huge sexual charge of the young hungarian star comes out in all the clips that we put on the page dedicated to her, including of course the last we posted. Among them there we want to point one, in the piece we chose Madison does not directly sex with two male partners of the scene. At center stage, in a superb dp and a double body cumshot  highly spectacular is the spanish pornstar Yoha GĂ lvez. But the indirect participation of Madison, her voluptuous look to see Yoha covered in cum, gives to this video the caliber of a little masterpiece. Besides, it bearing the signature of the great Marc Dorcel. If you want see our new clips just click the link "Madison Parker", on the right of our home page

What a fantastic sight Black Angelika. New clips in her page!

What an incredible sight to see in action Black Angelika. After all the accolades for her already remarkable career in the hardcore world have already arrived in Europe, as the romanian artist has been awarded at Cannes in 2009 with the Hot d'Or and the following year in Berlin, where she received the Erotixxx Award, in both cases as the best actress of the Old Continent. In the United States she is already very popular in recent years and has worked for the best film production companies in the industry. Missing her the most coveted prize: in the AVN Awards she was in nomination last January. The next month there are two nominations for her, we have already mentioned in a few previous posts to her nomination for Female Foreign Performer of the Year but she is also a candidate for the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production. The new videos that we put on her page are so breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy once again Black Angelika in all her sensuality clicking on the link to your right that bears her name, in the list of pages

Enjoy our new "Artistic Shots"

Our blog is always active, even for those Xmas parties, where, indeed, we try to offer a greater quality of our clips. A nice gift for those who continue to follow us and we see from our contacts page or by fans who write to our mail ( which are always numerous. So enjoy the new videos that we put on the page that always continues to be the most clicked, that of "Artistic Shots". Find them by clicking the appropriate link to your right, in the list of pages

Beautiful Xmas gift in "Pornstars Cumshots Mix" and "Historical Cumshots"

We decided to make a beautiful Xmas gift to the many fans of our blog that even during this holiday season continues to follow us. Here is three videos that we have published in full version, two on the page "Pornstars Cumshots Mix" and one in “Historical Cumshots”: the first starring the naughty Penny Flame in the role of a stripper performing in a spicy dance for her client and then she makes him cum with a great handjob. Then you can see a video that is already a legend of adult films, the beautiful underwater blowjob by Isabella Soprano (pictured), a scene that made famous in all the world the artist from New Hampshire. Finally, a threesome taken from Philip Mond's masterpiece, "Zazel, The Scent of Love." Filmed in 1997, "Zazel" is in our opinion one of the gems of world cinema, regardless of gender, and deserves a place of honor among the greatest films of all time for artistic depth. The scene, that we added in “Historical Cumshots”, starring Anna Romero in the role of a she-devil of a very high erotic temperature. You can find these videos on the pages "Pornstars Cumshots Mix" and “Historical Cumshots”, just click these links on the right of our home page, as always in the list of pages. Enjoy and Merry Xmas!

The Cumshots Girls House Staff wishes you all a Merry Xmas!

Tori Black, hotshots forever! New clips on her page

A truly great extraordinary artist . There are no other words to describe Tori Black with her wonderful performance that never ceases to amaze us. Among the new videos we posted on her page, all beautiful and extremely erotic quality, in particular the one we have seen and reviewed thousands of times in its final sequence. Nice and hot cumshot on mouth, but this is nothing new for the diva from Seattle. What strikes us is her expression, the intensity of her gaze, the movements of her body and her lips. This clip we called it "Simply ... Tori", and together with other new videos, is part of Tori Black page. So, you just click the link that carries the name of this fabulous artist, to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages. Thanks to exist Miss Tori!

Straight from the '70s the french star Brigitte Lahaie and then a great tribute to Peter North. With his six great artists of the '90s. For you in "Historical Cumshots"

We like to rummage through our archives and review of the past few scenes taken from masterpieces of porn. The section on "Historical Cumshots" is one that requires more time and attention, there are many films that we have available, but many are in VHS and the quality is not excellent. Usually we choose among those that we have digitally remastered. Among these we selected a few clips that have been inserted in our beautiful page dedicated to nostalgic of porn classic: while a scene starring the delicious french artist Brigitte Lahaie, very active in the 70s. Then a tribute to the great Peter North, "the impossible cumshots man". With him, six fabulous actresses from the production at the turn of the '80s and '90s: Angel Kelly, Sunny McKay (pictured), Heather Torrance, Angel, Melanie Moore and Delta Force, the latter in a threesome with Peter and Mark Wallace. You just have to click the link "Historical Cumshots", which are as always to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages

Cum on stage, new clips in "Public Cumshots"

The Live Shows is something of a must for lovers of hardcore and at least once in life  you have to admire these fantastic performances in which the art of eroticism is experienced in all its naturalness. In our blog we have already seen two complete versions of two live shows by Angel Dark and in the section on "Public Cumshots" you have got to admire a beautiful facial taken from Tarra White. Now it's time for some new, wonderful clips taken from live performances by artists of hardcore. Among the videos that we posted in the "Public Cumshots" is a wonderful cumshot in the mouth taken from the beautiful Sophie Evans during ad erotic festival in Barcelona or a similarly perfect cumshot starring the brazen Sonia Lemon in another live show. All the moments that have helped to give to porn remarkable aesthetic and artistic dimension. The link you know it by heart, "Public Cumshots" to the right of our homepage on the list of pages.

New artwork by Angel Dark

Take a cumshot is accessible to all women. Making art of this sublime erotic moment is something that only the greatest stars of porn are capable of doing. Is the case of Angel Dark and her "magic moments" where we see her perform at the end of every erotic scene. If you want further proof of this go to see the new videos that we posted on the page devoted to her by clicking the appropriate link on the right, in the list of pages

What a wonderful artist our Jenna Haze...

We never tire of saying and repeating it. Divas like Jenna Haze to make us in love for porn, and make to this genre film an immense artistic value. In the page dedicated to the fantastic californian actress and directress we have included five new video clips. Among these, two are from "Legs Up Hose Down," a film directed by Jenna, real big jewel with a fantastic cast: Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Lily Labeau and Zoe Voss. The first clip that we have included is the final part of the scene in which Jenna directs herself and Zoe Voss in a beautiful threesome. In the last clip, always drawn from the same movie, we went off topic with our blog but hope you want to forgive it, because this incredible fuck in doggy-style by our Jenna deserves to be seen and reviewed. Click the link "Jenna Haze" to the right of our home page, in the list of pages, to see once again a true, great artist

USA vs. Europe, four fantastic new cumshot compilations in "Pornstars Cumshots Mix"

Meanwhile we want to say a few words for a great lover of porn films, a person who, as we, share a passion for the fabulous adults stars and for the artistic cumshots. He is called "Lord of Cumshots" and spread around the internet, in more free porn sites, there are plenty of videos compiled by him. He is a true master of the "cumpilations". So we took inspiration from his job for four fantastic cumshot compilations that we have placed on the page"Pornstars Cumshots Mix". Three videos bear his signature and it is only right for us to thank him on behalf of all lovers of hardcore.
Our new videos feature a challenge, U.S. vs. Europe. The first american diva that we present is the immense Alexis Texas, among the favorites for Female Performer of the year at the upcoming AVN Awards. Another artist "Stars and Stripes" is Rachel Roxxx, pornstar "no limits" interpreter of spectacular and unforgettable performances. To represent the Old World countries have not chosen this time the East, the traditional breeding ground for great pornstars, but two other countries where there is a thriving tradition for many years in films for adults. Bridgette B. (pictured) is from Spain, is beautiful and has a very explosive body. Large forms also for the english Kerry Louise, who have already offered in a previous clips, but now we present again her with a wonderful cumpilation. Really masterpieces our new videos, click the link "Pornstars Cumshots Mix" which is as always to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages.

Three great video clips sent from fans

We like the videos sent or reported by the fans of our blog, especially if it is amateurs or taken from webcam shows who see protagonists malicious and sensual camgirls. In this post we publish three clips that were sent to our mail, all registered with the webcam. The protagonists can be professional camgirl or girls next door, in the end it does not matter if the result is these delicious "cumshot videos". Please always write to our mail,, is to send us video or photos, or to request our calendars

Juicy sperm on tits

Amateur facial on webcam

Nice camgirl takes hot shots!

New jewels in "Artistic Shots"

Also in line with the unmistakable style of our blog, we propose a new series of video clips in the "Artistic Cumshots". We have posted three facials of rare beauty and a cumpilation starring many young girls eager and excited for hot cum. Click once on the link "Artistic Shots - Page of cult cumshots" in the list of pages on your right. Enjoy!

Aletta Ocean in new beautiful cumshots clips

Aletta Ocean is definitely the great favorite among artists vying for the prize of Female Foreign Performer of the Year at the next AVN Awards. The superstars of Budapest has already achieved this prestigious award in 2010 and given the level of her performances  can think to score a coveted double next January in Las Vegas. Meanwhile let us enjoy the new videos that we put on her page, click the link "Aletta Ocean", the first in the list of pages on your right. The fans of Aletta can also visit the blog that we have devoted her clicking the following link,

Sasha Grey remains an icon of eroticism. New clips on her page

We miss her very much. Very few artists who have managed to express such an erotic intensity in a few years of career but  for Sasha Grey experience in porn is over this year. We are convinced that she could still give us emotions without limits, but respect her decision to devote herself to other genres. The skill and intelligence of Sasha is also not deny her acting career in the adult industry because her interpretations are of rare artistic level. And it is fantastic, as always, the new video clips that we put on her page. You just have to visit her to admire in all her sexual charge by clicking the link "Sasha Grey" to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages.

Tribute to the '70s and '80s, new legendary actresses in "Historical Cumshots"

Review our "Historical Cumshots" is like taking a dip in the past. For us at that time we were very young, are the actresses that we have admired in old porno magazines, and that we reviewed when we were a little more grown up in a red light cinema or, later, in the first VHS video. They are the stars who have contributed to the art of cinema for adults only. There are new legendary pornstars in the "Historical Cumshots", actresses like Stacey Donovan, Sharon Mitchell, Sheri St. Claire, Olinka Hardiman, Georgina Spelvin, Tori Welles (pictured) and Dominque Saintclaire. To see them again just click the link to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages

Madison Parker starring in new clips

What happens if they find themselves working together in the same film some of the biggest pornstars in the world? The result is artistically sublime. Is the case of some clips that we put on the page of Madison Parker, our beloved hungarian starlet. Among her new videos, the final piece of a 4some starring Madison and Aletta Ocean, directed by the master filmmaker of french porn, Marc Dorcel. And then also too, a fantastic spermswap with the american diva Gracie Glam. Madison deserves many visits to her page, click the link with her name are, like everyone else, to the right of our home page under the "Pages".

Black Angelika in new fantastic video clips

We can only make a sincere good luck to Black Angelika, nominated for the award for Best Female Foreign Performer at the upcoming AVN Awards. The romanian artist is definitely one of the best talents in recent years expressed by the red light star system in Europe and has all for establish herself as one of the best pornstars on the planet. Click the link that bears her name, to the right of our home page, under the "Pages", for see her new video clips

New beautiful cumshot clips in the page of Tori Black

Talking of the next AVN Awards, we have dedicated ourselves back  to the page of Tori Black, which was the queen of international porn for two consecutive years. Our Tori among other things, both in 2010 and last January she hoard of prizes. Among these, the last edition, that of Best Oral Sex Scene, in the beautiful "Stripper Diaries." We have updated her page with new great video clips that you should immediately go and see. So click the link "Tori Black" which is like all the others to the right of our homepage, in the list of pages

AVN Awards: the historical performers

Tori Black is the only artist in the history of the AVN Awards, twice to win the award for Female Performer of the Year. Since 1993, the year in which the prize was established (for nine editions, from 1984 to 1992, was only awarded the Best Actress), except for the last two editions won by the diva from Seattle, there's always been  a different queen of american hardcore, year after year. In our special page dedicated to the prestigious award we present all the actresses who have won the most coveted title. Space for the not american divas, the prize reserved for Female Foreign Performer of the year was established in 2003. Among these artists deserves a special mention Katsuni (pictured), the excellent french-born vietnamese diva, elected for three consecutive years the queen of porn among foreign artists. If you want to see our new clips, just click the page "SPECIAL - AVN AWARDS 2012", on the right of our home page, in the list of pages

AVN Awards 2012: online new page with new cumshot clips

We're almost there. Less than a month the most important appointment for the hardcore star-system. The next January 21 in fact, in "The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino" in Las Vegas, will host the twenty-ninth edition of the AVN Awards, the most important awards in the adult industry worldwide. We will follow the event closely and try to give you more updates as possible. Meanwhile, we offer a tasty sample image from gallery on our blog, given that have been made known all the nominations. We have created a special page dedicated to the AVN Awards 2012 in which we present all nominations for Best Female Performer of the year, both with respect to american artists, both in the section devoted to artists from other countries
Actresses are all very high level, of course we are talking of the "Gotha" of porn. There will certainly be a new "Best Performer", as Tori Black did not compete for the prize but it's still on the list for "Best Actress". The star of Seattle has won the last two editions, thus entering into the history of porn. Now it's open season on the scepter that Tori has held for two very good years
The award for Best Foreign Performer last January was won by the amazing Angel Dark. Not even the slovakian artist in this twenty-ninth edition of the Avn Awards is among the nominations but there is Aletta Ocean, who won in the same section in 2010. 
The first edition was held in 1984 but the award for Best Performer of the year was established in 1993. In the first nine editions of the most coveted award was the Best Actress: Sharon Mitchell in the first edition won for her performance in "Sexcapades". 

The first "Best Performer" in the history of the Avn Awards was Ashlyn Gere in '93. The  czech artist Nikita Denise is the only not american to win the prize, in 2002. The following year it was established the special section for foreign actresses who saw the affirmation of the hungarian actress Rita Faltoyano. 
So we present our artists fresh nominations, as well as those of the section reserved for american divas, both foreign. For you plenty of new video clips in theme with our blog. So enjoy this wonderful series of cumshots. The new page is called "SPECIAL - AVN AWARDS 2012". Find the link as always to the right on our home page, in the list of pages. Enjoy!

Delta White and Gauge in "Pornstars Cumshots Mix"

Two new stars of our red light sky. The first is the wonderful english artist Delta White: an explosive body and an exceptional talent in oral sex are the best qualities of her extraordinary repertoire. With great pleasure we present also the beautiful and sensual Gauge from USA (pictured), in one of the most beautiful cumshot compilation of our blog. Click the link "Pornstars Cumshots Mix" which is as always to the right of our homepage on the list of pages.
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